Why My Mic is So Quiet on Discord?

Why My Mic is So Quiet on Discord?

For voice or video conversations while playing games, gamers primarily use Discord. Sometimes, high-level gaming competitions are held, and a player’s failure could result from negligence. They can’t afford a quiet mic while playing and if you’re a gamer or anyone other than a gamer facing the quiet mic issue then you’re in the right place.

This article will definitely cover every possibility of why your mic is quiet on Discord

Fix 1: Check Discord Voice Settings

Discord has its own voice settings to ensure that the Discord setting is not the reason for the quiet mic.

Step 1: Head towards Settings:

Step 2: Select “Voice and Video”:

Step 3: Look for the Input Volume Setting

 If the setting of input volume is low, the significant other may not be able to listen to you. Make sure to adjust it according to your need:

Fix 2: Check Microphone Hardware Issues

Make sure your microphone’s physical volume control isn’t the reason for the quiet mic. Check the physical volume control so that it’s not set too low.

1. Low-Quality Microphone

If you have low-quality microphones it may result in your voice not reaching the other one. The quality of the microphone also impacts the volume level. Make sure to have a good-quality microphone to avoid inconvenience.

2. Damaged Microphone

The same goes for the damaged microphone. If you have damaged microphones it is possible that your mic is quiet. Make sure to have a new pair of microphones to avoid this issue.

3. Mic Used by Other Tabs

Make sure that the microphone is not being used by other tabs on desktops or applications on your mobile phones. Other tabs or apps can mess up the volume level on Discord. Also, close all the tabs and apps that may or may not be using your microphone to improve the volume level on Discord.

4. Discord Server Setting

The server you have joined may have restrictions regarding the microphone’s volume for some purposes. You will have to contact the server admin to remove restrictions.

Resultantly, the Mic will start operating on Discord.


This article covered the maximum possibilities of your quiet mic. Make sure the Dscord’s settings or your device settings are not messing up with your microphone. You should replace damaged or low-quality microphones to ensure a non-quiet and good volume level microphone.

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