Why is Spotify Playing Random Songs?

Why is Spotify Playing Random Songs?

Spotify is a widely popular music application. It has gained popularity because it offers millions of songs, and podcasts to listen to, share, and make playlists of them. Spotify can be used on a variety of devices like mobile phones, laptops, and computers.

This blog will discuss the reasons why the Spotify app starts playing random songs.

Why is Spotify Playing Random Songs?

There have been many times when Spotify experienced issues with the service of playing random songs. There are many reasons for this problem that are discussed below.

Reason 1: Shuffle Mode is on

One of the reasons that Spotify is playing random songs is that “shuffle mode” is on. If “shuffle mode” is on then Spotify will play songs randomly from the playlist, not in order.

To turn off shuffle mode click on the shuffle button that is on the bottom left side of the window:

Reason 2: Incorrect Selection of Playlist

Another reason for that is you may have selected the wrong playlist. To ensure that you have selected the correct playlist double-check the played playlist and that it is highlighted also it will have a speaker icon with it as shown below:

Reason 3: Glitch or Bug

In some cases, Spotify starts playing random songs because it may have some glitch or bug. If you are sure that this is the cause, then restart the app. If it is also not working then reinstall the application.

Reason 4: Connectivity Issues

Spotify may be playing random songs if your internet connection is interrupted; it may result in Spotify skipping the songs if the internet connection is back. For the solution to this problem, you have to check if your internet is stable or not.

Reason 5: Smart Shuffle

Recently, Spotify introduced “Smart Shuffle Recommendations,” an intelligent algorithm that curates personalized playlists based on user preferences, which might also make it seem like songs are playing randomly. Additionally, if users select the wrong playlist or experience connectivity issues, it may lead to unexpected song selections.


Spotify may be playing random songs because you may have turned on the shuffle mode or you have selected the wrong playlist. Also, you may have an interrupted internet connection, and lastly, Spotify may have a bug or glitch. This post discussed the causes of Spotify playing songs randomly.

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