Why is a Song Greyed Out on Spotify?

Spotify is an application that is specially designed to listen to and share music with friends. Users can also share their favorite playlists with their friends. Greyed-out song means that the song is unavailable. Spotify has also a premium version that has more features than normal Spotify. A premium Spotify user can download and can also listen offline.

This article will explain how to grey out on Spotify.

Let’s start the article.

Why is a Song Greyed Out on Spotify?

As a Spotify user, you often face the problem of greyed songs that cannot play, as shown below. There are many reasons for this problem which we will discuss in this write-up:

Reason 1- Unstable Internet Connection:

The most common reason for songs being greyed has an “Unstable Internet Connection”. Whenever your song is greyed, check that you are not offline. On the regaining of connection, your music will be played as shown below:

Reason 2- Error in Spotify:

Sometimes your songs are not being played because of an error in the application because of a heavy cache. You can solve this problem too by simply removing the cache of the “Spotify” Application:

Reason 3: The song is not available in the Country

One of the main causes is that you search for a song and it appears to be greyed despite having a good internet connection or you have cleared all the cache that that specific song may not be available in your country.

Reason 4: Make Songs Available Offline

If you are trying to listen to songs offline and the songs are kept greyed then what you have to do is buy the premium version of Spotify that’s the only way to listen to music, and podcasts offline on Spotify. After you have purchased the premium version of Spotify then you will see a download toggle and click it to make the song available offline.

That is all the reason for greyed out on Spotify.


The above write-up is about the reasons and solutions for greyed-out songs on the “Spotify” application which include poor internet connection, errors in the application because of cache, unavailability of specific songs in users’ regions, and lastly users trying to listen to songs on offline mode without using Spotify premium.

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