Why Does Spotify Stop When Open/Use Facebook?

Why Does Spotify Stop When Open/Use Facebook?

Spotify is a widely popular music application that has gained popularity in a very short period. It offers a variety of music in accordance with the taste, age, and origin of the user. It provides a fascinating feature to create and share playlists of your favorite music with your friends and family.

This blog will discuss why Spotify stops when it opens/uses Facebook.

Why Does Spotify Stop When Open/Use Facebook?

Many users have reported this issue that their Spotify application stops when they open Facebook. In this   article, we shall cover the top reasons for this problem:

  • Battery Saver Mode: If you have turned on “Battery Saver Mode” on your device, it may limit many resources that may cause Spotify to stop when you open Facebook. To solve this problem, turn off the battery saver and try Spotify with Facebook.
  • Network Issue: One of the main reasons for this issue is that the user may have an unstable internet connection that causes this problem. The solve this problem check your Internet connection stability and then on Spotify and Facebook.
  • Privacy Settings: Another reason for this problem is “Facebook’s Privacy Settings” may not allow Spotify to play music. To solve this problem make sure that you have given access to Spotify to control your device’s audio settings
  • Device Compatibility: Some older devices do not have the feature or compatibility to run Spotify and Facebook simultaneously if you have to close one of the applications when to use either one.
  • RAM Usage: If your phone has a small RAM this issue may occur because both Spotify and Facebook are memory-intensive applications. You have to close one application when using the other application.

What is the Reason for Spotify to Stop Playing When I Open Another Application?

Spotify may stop when you open or use other applications such as Facebook or Twitter because Spotify has a feature of “Autoplay” and it automatically stops its music when the user is watching a video on another application to avoid interruption and enhance the listening experience.

How Can I Stop Spotify from Pausing When I Open Facebook?

If you want to stop Spotify from pausing when you open Facebook then “turn off” the autoplay toggle that is available in “Settings” and then restart the Facebook application:

That is all for the guide.


Spotify may stop when you open Facebook or other apps due to battery saver mode, network issues, privacy settings, device compatibility, or RAM usage. Additionally, Spotify’s autoplay feature automatically pauses music when the user watches a video on another app.

To prevent Spotify from pausing when using Facebook, turn off the autoplay toggle in the settings. This article has discussed the reasons why Spotify stops when it opens/uses Facebook.

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