Why Does Spotify Shuffle Play the Same Songs?

Why Does Spotify Shuffle Play the Same Songs?

Spotify is a widely popular music application that offers a vast amount of songs, albums, and podcasts to its users worldwide. It provides a fascinating feature to create and share playlists of your favorite music with your friends and family. It has many features that attract a large number of users. One of them is shuffle play. Shuffle plays random songs from the playlist and the user doesn’t have to manually select the song from the playlist.

This post will discuss the following points:

  • Why Does Spotify Keep Repeating the Same Songs?
  • How to Fix the Issue of Repeated Songs in Spotify Play?

Why Does Spotify Shuffle Play the Same Songs?

Although Spotify shuffle is a great feature that plays random songs from user playlists. But sometimes it plays the songs in the sequence they are. It has several reasons for this that are discussed below:

Reason 1: Error in Algorithm

One of the reasons that Spotify does not play random songs is that the algorithm made for playing random songs to create a playlist is not completely random. It may take factors based on user listening history or the popularity of that music to result in playing the song repeatedly.

Reason 2: Smaller Playlist

Another reason Spotify plays the same songs repeatedly is that the user may have a smaller playlist so the algorithm may not have the same songs to choose which causes the repetition of the same songs.

Reason 3: Bug in the Application

Very rarely but this may happen that the Spotify application may have some kind of bug that results in the repetition of similar songs that causes irritation to users as they want to listen to random songs from the playlists.

How to Fix the Issue of Repeated Songs in Spotify Play?

The below-provided methods will help the user to solve the issue of repeated songs in Spotify:

Fix 1: Refresh the Playlist

One of the solutions to this issue is that the user can refresh the playlist by creating a new playlist or deleting or recreating a new playlist. This will expand the playlist and will help the algorithm choose a random song from an expanded playlist.

Fix 2: Reset Shuffle Play

Another solution that is often done by Spotify users is to rest the shuffle play by tapping the shuffle icon multiple times. This will reset the algorithm and it is more likely that it will now play random songs instead of the same songs.


Spotify shuffle is a great feature to listen to random songs from your playlist but it sometimes plays the same songs instead of random songs which is mainly because of errors in algorithms, the smaller playlist of users, or bugs in the Spotify application.

However, there are a number of ways to fix it such as recreating, deleting, or creating a new playlist and resetting the shuffle icon. This blog discussed the possible reasons being the mentioned shuffling issue and the relevant solutions.

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