Why Can’t I See Lyrics on Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming application in which millions of people listen to music, and podcasts and customize their playlists daily. Users can also share their preferred audio content, such as favourite songs, talk shows, and curated collections of music, with their loved ones and social networks. Many people don’t know that Spotify also provides the feature of lyrics with music which makes its user easily know what they are listening to.

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Why Can’t I See Lyrics on Spotify?

– The music may not have lyrics available.

– The lyrics’ feature may not available in your country or region.

– The lyrics features are available in its updated version, you may be using its old version.

– Your device may not assist lyrics feature.

By following the below write-up you will able to see lyrics on Spotify :

Step 1: Open Spotify

Open “Spotify” on your pc by searching it manually in the “start-up” menu:

Step 2: Select Music

Select the type of music you want to listen to from your favorite playlist or by searching and “play” it:

Step 3: Click on Lyrics

Now you will see a “mic” option on the bottom right of the window click on it:

Step 4: Verification

As soon as, you have clicked on the “mic” icon lyrics will appear on your screen as shown below:


Spotify is a music app where people listen to songs, and podcasts and make playlists. It also has a feature that shows the song’s lyrics while listening. But sometimes, it doesn’t show. Reasons for this could be that the song doesn’t have lyrics or is not available in your area or you’re using an old version of the app. To see lyrics on Spotify, you need to open the app, pick a song, look for a microphone icon and click it.

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