When is Discord Coming to PlayStation

Discord provides a game platform, where they can share their incredible gaming moments with their family and friends. Hence, it became one of the most preferred social platforms for providing communication services via text, voice, and video.

When is Discord Coming to PlayStation?

PlayStation players can now link their PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts to Discord since the announcement of cooperation between the two companies. Sony partnered up with Discord back in May 2021 with an announcement that the PlayStation Network accounts would be easily connected with Discord after January 2022. Players can now connect with each other and display the games they’re playing via online status due to Discord.

Bonus Tip: How Does PlayStation Work with Discord?

Players can share their PlayStation Network ID. For this, they have to connect their PlayStation Network account to their device through Discord. After signing into their Sony accounts, they can share their current status. When a player links his PlayStation to his Discord account on the device, others will be able to see what he is currently doing.

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In May 2021, it was announced that PlayStation players would be able to connect their PlayStation Network accounts with their Discord accounts after January 2022. Other players will be able to see what a PlayStation player is doing once his PlayStation Network account gets connected with Discord.

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