What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

Discord is a user-friendly messaging and voice/video chat app, that brings people together for communication across the globe. It’s packed with various useful features, making it a comprehensive and enjoyable platform for connecting with others. One of Discord’s lesser-known features is “Streamer Mode,” which is designed to protect content creators during live streams. More specifically, Streamer Mode ensures a secure and distraction-free streaming experience for content creators, enabling them to engage with their audience confidently.

This guide will cover the following contents:

  • What is Streamer Mode on Discord?
  • Advantages of Discord Streamer Mode
  • How to Enable\Turn on Streamer Mode?

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

Streamer Mode” is a feature on the Discord Application that protects the privacy of content creators whenever they are streaming their gameplay or any other content. When a user is streaming publicly their private information may be leaked and it can cause serious threats to their privacy. For that reason, Streamer Mode is an exemplary feature for Discord users to protect their private information from getting misused.

Advantages of Discord Streamer Mode

There are many advantages of “Discord Streamer Mode” that we will discuss below:

  1. Privacy Protection

One of the primary advantages of using streamer mode is that the “Personal Information” of the creator is safeguarded. For example, it hides sensitive details, such as Discord username and email address from being displayed on the screen.

  1. Anonymous Usernames

Another advantage of using streamer mode is that the identity of both the streamer and the participating members is hidden so that their privacy should not be compromised.

  1. Disabled Invites Links

If someone tries to share an invite link to the streamer’s Discord server while Streamer Mode is on, Discord blocks the link to keep unauthorized users out.

  1. Notification Suppression

Another feature of Streamer mode is that it suppresses any notification that pops up during streaming that may disrupt the streaming session.

  1. Community Management

By hiding personal information, streamers can maintain a level of separation between their personal life and their streaming persona, which can be essential for effective community management.

How to Enable/Turn on Streamer Mode?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable “Streamer Mode” on Discord.

Step 1: Open User Settings

Click on the “gear” icon from the “left bottom” side of the Discord window to open “User Settings”:

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

Step 2: Streamer Mode

Here, from the menu, click on “Streamer Mode”:

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

Step 3: Enable Streamer Mode

After that, turn on the “toggle” in front of “Enable Streamer Mode” as shown below:

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

Step 4: Verification

Streamer Mode” has been successfully turned on. Now, you can easily turn it off by clicking on the “disable” option shown below:

What is Streamer Mode on Discord?

That concludes our precise and easy guide to enabling Streamer Mode on Discord. Now, you can stream with confidence, ensuring privacy and uninterrupted engagement with your audience.


Streamer Mode on Discord is a vital feature that ensures content creators’ privacy and security while live streaming or recording content, shielding sensitive information like usernames and email addresses.

For enabling the Streamer mode, click the “gear” icon for User Settings. Choose “Streamer Mode” from the menu. Toggle on “Enable Streamer Mode”. Verify its activation with the “disable” option. As a result, you can stream with enhanced privacy and focus on engaging content.

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