What is Notion Life Planner Template?

What is Notion Life Planner Template

Notion is a software platform designed for productivity and collaboration. It comes packed with features such as note-taking, project management, task management, database management, and much more. In essence, Notion aims to help users create digital content and organize them all in one place so they don’t have to go back and forth between apps.

This article will discuss about the Notion Life Planner template but first, let’s check out the features of Notion.

Features of Notion

There are many features to highlight in Notion’s toolbox, some of them are given below:

  • Pages: This feature allows users to make pages for personal use or if they’re working on a team project or knowledge databases. Pages can be filled with anything from text to pictures to tables.
  • Databases: Users can make custom databases that have flexible properties and filters. This makes managing tasks and projects way easier.
  • Templates: To give beginners a head start with content and projects, Notion offers templates for everyday use cases.
  • Collaboration: Real-time collaboration on Notion documents and databases makes it easy for teams to get things done together. People can leave comments, assign tasks, and even mention team members.
  • Integration: If you use Google Drive, Trello, or Slack (or any other popular apps), you’re in luck because Notion can integrate with many others.
  • Customization: The beauty of Notion lies in its ability to be personalized. You can change everything about your workspace so that it meets your specific needs.

What is Notion Life Planner Template?

Notion Life Planner Template was designed to help make everything you do easy. Whether it’s organizing your personal, professional, or wellness-related activities this planner has got you covered. The ability to customize it to your specific needs makes it worth looking into:

What is Notion Life Planner Template?

Features of Notion Life Planner Template

Have a look at the amazing features of the Notion Life Planner Template:

  1. Positive Daily Focus

Encourages finding something positive each day.

  1. Navigation Categories

Personal: Includes sections for journaling, morning routine, night routine, vision board, and notes.

Finances: Features a finance tracker and a wish list.

Productivity: Provides a planner, goals, habits, and a Pomodoro timer.

Leisure: Contains sections for an untitled database, watchlist, travel, and a bucket list.

Health: Includes sections for nutrition, meal planning, recipes, a shopping list, a workout library, and progress photos.

Academic: Features sections for courses, class notes, study resources, and job applications.

Self Care: Contains sections for skincare, hair & makeup, closet, self-care routine, and affirmations.

Tips & Tricks: Offers tips for using the planner effectively, such as inserting a playlist and customizing widgets.

  1. Morning, Afternoon, Evening Checklist:

Provides checkboxes for tasks in the morning, or in the afternoon, and evening.

  1. Priorities:

Lists important tasks for the day.

  1. Goals of the Day:

Sets daily goals, such as drinking more water and trying to have a normal sleep routine.

  1. Reminders:

Allows for adding reminders.

  1. Weekly Overview:

Lists tasks for each day of the week.

That marks as the end of our guide related to Notion Life Planner.


The Notion is a versatile productivity platform. The Notion Life Planner Template improves organization across various life categories, promoting positivity. With customization options, it helps users create a personalized digital workspace, supporting productivity and well-being.

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