What Could Get You Banned on Discord

Have you ever thought about what could get you banned on Discord?If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right spot. Discord serves as a messaging platform that has united countless individuals from across the globe.

It offers features like text-based chat rooms, voice calls, video calls, voice channels, direct messaging, and server moderation tools.

This guide will cover the following content:

  • What Could Get You Banned on Discord
  • Types of Discord Offences
  • Reasons for Discord Bans
  • What is Prohibited on Discord?
  • How Do I Know If Discord Has Banned Me?

So let’s start the guide!

What Could Get You Banned on Discord?

A Discord Ban is when one is prohibited from accessing either a server or the whole account based on the severity of the violation. These bans can last for a short time or forever, depending on how serious the rule-breaking is and what the server moderators or Discord’s Trust and Safety team decide.

Types of Discord Offences

  • Green Violations: Minor missteps that might give you a warning or a brief mute.
  • Yellow Violations: More serious faults. They can lead to longer mutes and short bans.
  • Red Violations: These are significant errors. They cause instant bans due to their intensity.
  • Black Violations: The most serious mishaps. They frequently lead to permanent bans from the Discord server.

Reasons for Discord Bans

  • You as a  Discord user must follow the platform’s community guidelines, which include refraining from posting explicit content, engaging in harassment or hate speech, and participating in illegal activities. If you disobey any of these guidelines, it may lead to bans.
  • Spamming, defined as excessive or inappropriate transmission of messages or advertisements, may also result in bans.
  • Mocking other users, organizations, or entities is ethically wrong, not allowed in Discord, and may lead to bans.
  • Revealing confidential personal information without consent may result in disciplinary measures.
  • Exploiting bugs or glitches in Discord is forbidden and may result in bans due to unfair advantages or service disruption.


What is Prohibited on Discord?

Mocking, revealing confidential information of someone, hate speech, harassment, and engaging in illegal activities is not allowed in Discord.

How Do I Know If Discord Has Banned Me?

If you are banned from a server, you can no longer enter the server through an invite link.


It is important to follow Discord’s rules to keep things friendly and safe for everyone. Posting bad stuff, harassing others, or doing illegal things can get you kicked out. Even spamming or making fun of others is not okay. If you break the rules, you might get a warning or even be banned forever.

That sums up our discussion about what could get you banned on Discord.

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