How to Use Notion as a Developer

How to Use Notion as a Developer

Notion is a note-taking application that helps manage your tasks. You are in whatever profession, Notion always brings you the best feature which allows you to use it in the best possible way.

For example, a teacher may use Notion to track the assignments, quizzes, and marks of the students. On the other hand, developers use Notion to manage multiple tasks related to programming and daily stuff.

In this article, we will cover the topics in the following pattern:

  • How to Use Notion as a Developer
  • Organize Links
  • Save Code Snippets
  • Important Note Taking
  • Integration with Other Applications
  • Manage Blogs
  • Tracking Project Deadlines
  • Tracking Job Applications
  • Tracking Learning Activities
  • Conclusion

How to Use Notion as a Developer?

Notion is an incredible tool that lets you keep a record and manage your stuff nicely. Apart from that, plenty of templates allow you to use them when in need. As a developer, you can use Notion to organize the learning activities, maintain the project flow, and follow the deadlines.

We will study the use of Notion as a developer separately in the article.

When you work online, you always try to save important links. Bookmarks are a way to save your favorite links. However, if you work on different platforms the management becomes quite hectic.

For example, if you use Instagram, Twitter, and Chrome for this purpose, it will be a challenge to visit each link separately.

It is, therefore, recommended to use the Notion database to save all the links. You can manage all the links in one place using the Notion database as shown below:

Use Notion as a Developer

Save Code Snippets/Blocks

To save code snippets, Notion is considered best for developers. For instance, you need to use a code block frequently while programming.

You can easily create a table and enter all the information related to the code block. It will eventually help you access the code when required without any hassle or searching.

For this purpose, let us create a table and enter the Name, description, and category related to the code block as depicted below:

Save Code Snippets/Blocks

Important Note Taking

The Notion is an application that’s prime purpose is to take notes and save all the information. As a developer, Notion helps to cover the essential points for a day or a meeting. You can create a page and note all your important stuff. You can also document the vital points for a discussion in a meeting.

Integration With Other Applications

You can integrate many applications with Notion API to perform particular tasks. There are almost 250 integrations available on Notion for multiple tasks. Some of the integrations depicted below include Canva, Adobe, Box, etc:

Integration notion With Other Applications

 You can use your Notion account to access these integrations.

Manage Blogs

You can use the Notion database as a developer to manage your blogs. You can create multiple fields like name, category, and URL to handle and access the content. You can also mention the topics you will work on and the blogs you want to expand.

The Notion may also serve as a draft area where you can efficiently draft your blogs before publishing on the internet.

Tracking Project Deadlines

As a developer, Notion allows you to keep track of the milestones and deadlines of a project. Since Notion is quite simple to use, you can create a task, assign it to a member, and track the progress of your team members.

You can design a table where you can add tasks, the team member for the task, task status, and deadlines. You can handle the tasks accordingly, which pass the deadlines and are still in progress.

Tracking Job Applications

As a developer, there is a list of tasks ready for the day. One necessary task is to keep track of applied jobs. The solution is to use Notion which allows you to keep track of the Jobs to which you want to apply or the job applications in progress.

One method is to create a database where you can enter the job title, the date you applied, and whether the application got accepted for an interview. It will help you to maintain a record of all the job applications in one place as shown below:

Tracking Job Applications with notion

Tracking Learning Activities

As a developer, you can track your learning activities in Notion. You can record the courses taken, the courses in progress, and the deadlines to submit the assignment for the specific course.

The only requirement is to design a table and enter all the relevant details for the courses.

In short, you can use Notion accordingly as a developer.

This concludes the details on how to use Notion as a developer.


The Notion is an application that helps to manage multiple tasks for a developer. These tasks include managing job applications, organizing URLs, saving code snippets, etc. This article discussed different aspects of how a developer uses Notion to handle multiple tasks.

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