How to Use Discord on PS5

Want to use Discord on PS5? No worries, we will let you know the process to use Discord in PS5.!

Discord allows you to chat, text, and use other features to connect with your family, friends, and teams. This all-in-one application comprises multiple features that let you develop a connection with people around you. PlayStation 5 introduced by Sony lets you play your favorite games on a go in the comfort of your home.

Discord and PlayStation joined hands to connect both the game and the chatting feature to enhance user interaction.

This article will go through the following topics:

  • Update PlayStation 5
  • Grant Permissions From PS5 to Discord
  • Connect Discord With PS5
  • Discord Channel With PS5
  • Setup a Voice Chat For PS5 on Discord

Update PlayStation5

To update PS5 is considered the initial step for setting up the connection between PS5 and Discord. Therefore, if your updates are automatically enabled then no need to worry. Otherwise, update the PlayStation 5 manually.

Let us see the procedure to manually update PS5.

1. Manually Updating PS5

Manually updating is also possible and you can manually update your PS5 using the steps depicted below:

1. Open PS5 and go to the Settings first.

2. Navigate to the System and after that click on the System Software.

3. Now, click on System Software Update and Settings to update the system.

4. In the second last step, navigate to the option Update System Software and click on Update Using Internet.

5. Confirm the update by clicking on Update.

It is time to grant permission to Discord from PS5.

Grant Permission From PlayStation5 to Discord

PS5 settings prevent others from seeing the activities. Therefore, to get permission to use Discord is an essential aspect.

You can follow the below steps to get permission to use Discord:

1. Navigate to the settings option and click on Users and Accounts.

2. In the next step, go to Privacy. Then, to “View and Customize Your Privacy Settings”.

3. Go to Your Activity and select Anyone.

You will allow PS5 to use Discord when you follow the steps mentioned above.

Connect Discord With PS5

After you grant permission from PS5 settings to use Discord, it is time to establish the connection between Discord and PS5.

The steps depicted below show how to connect Discord with PS5:

1. First navigate to “Users and Account” and move to the Linked Services settings.

2. You can link the required account to your PS5. Select “Discord” from the available options.

3. Click on “Link Account” to connect your Discord account with PS5.

4. Some points appear on the screen. Go through these points and click “Accept and Continue”.

5. A QR code will appear on the screen, scan that code and authorize the use of Discord on PS5.

6. A message appears on the screen that shows the connection is successful.

Discord Channel With PS5

Once the PS5 connects to Discord, you can now join the Discord channel to start voice chat and connect with your friends.

Use the below-mentioned steps to establish a connection from the Discord channel on PS5:

1. In the first step choose the Discord Server then join the voice chat.

2. No need to click on Join Voice Channel just navigate to the top and click on Transfer to PlayStation.

3. Now, click on your PS5 and you are fully connected to the Discord channel.

This setting allows you to control Discord from PS5. You can control the volume, mute the players, and perform other settings using PS5.

Setup Voice Chat For PS5 on Discord

Discord introduced its voice chat feature on PS5 in March 2023. The PlayStation 5 users can access the voice chat feature of Discord on PS5. The following points below depict the method to set the voice chat feature for PS5 on Discord:

1. Click on the PS button and navigate to the Parties option.

2. You can view three options here. These options allow you to control the audio balance, unmute/mute the voice chat, and access the settings for voice chat.

3. Select the third option which is settings for voice chat.

4. From various settings, select the options that best suit you.

This wraps up the discussion on how to use Discord on PS5.


So now you know how to use Discord on PS5. The first step involves upgrading your PS to the latest version, granting permission, and then connecting Discord with PS5. In this article, we discussed the method to manually upgrade PS5, grant permission to Discord, connect Discord with PS5, and also link a channel of Discord with a voice chat feature in PS5.

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