Why to Use Deezer Instead of Spotify

Want to switch from Spotify to Deezer? No worries! We will mention some important aspects of Deezer so that you can select accordingly.

Deezer is a popular music streaming application. It contains almost 120 million tracks worldwide. It is generally available on almost all platforms like Windows, Android, etc. With the availability in almost 180+ countries, its popularity is widespread.

Some of the features in Deezer are better as compared to Spotify. We will discuss these features.

The article will cover:

  • Interface Difference
  • Integration
  • Sound Quality
  • Pricing
  • Content Availability
  • Personalization
  • Live Events and Sports
  • Collaboration with Local Artists
  • Sharing Options

Let’s start the blog!

1. Interface Difference

If we talk about the interface both Spotify and Deezer attract users. The Deezer interface comes with bright colors and a uniform font. However, Spotify possesses a dark theme. For music lovers who love bright themes, Deezer would become a good option, since appearance matters a lot to the listeners.

Deezer Instead of Spotify

2. Integration

Deezer supports almost all types of devices, which include TVs, cars, and speakers. Some of the popular smart devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Amazon can be integrated with Deezer too. It eventually gives you the ease to listen to your favorite songs anywhere. This feasibility always attracts music lovers.

3. Sound Quality

The major advantage of Deezer is that it offers lossless audio. This is a major missing in the Spotify application. Deezer offers better sound quality in free as well as premium versions. Since sound plays a vital role in listening to music, Deezer scores the point in audio quality.

4. Pricing

Deezer offers a better option for students than Spotify. Students can enjoy their favorite songs for 30 days then $5.99/month will be charged. However, Spotify overall offers a low cost as compared to Deezer. If you want to go for a budget-friendly option then select Spotify. For students, Deezer serves as a better option.

5. Content Availability

If we discuss the content availability of Deezer, then it is widely available. Both Spotify and Deezer contain 90 million tracks. However, Dezer is available in more countries as compared to Spotify. As far as the podcast is concerned both Spotify and Deezer offer podcasts to their users. One feature that Deezer possesses is that you can browse podcasts using the duration. This feature is still missing in Spotify.

Deezer Instead of Spotify

6. Personalization

Deezer creates a personalized look using Artificial Intelligence. It uses AI to create a stream of using according to what you love and prefer. This is known as the Flow Feature. It looks for the favorite artists, music, and certain preferences to show the results. You can listen to the songs without especially searching since Flow does this for you.

7. Live Events and Sports

Deezer allows you to watch sports and live activities. If you are a sports enthusiast then Deezer is a good option. For people, who enjoy live music stream Deezer fulfills this option too. Thus, Deezer sports and live streaming provide entertainment apart from music.

8. Collaboration with Local Artists

Deezer collaborates with local artist to find out the hidden talent in a certain region. This covers the music more authentically. Therefore, Deezer is a platform that highlights emerging talent and brings forward local music for music lovers.

9. Sharing Options

Deezer provides multiple sharing options. For instance, use Deezer to share playlists with people around you. This ultimately increases the sharing experience between two music enthusiasts. It streamlines the process and provides a smooth experience.

This ends the discussion on the reasons to use Deezer rather than Spotify.


So now you know the reasons to select Deezer instead of Spotify. There are multiple reasons like sound quality, pricing, personalization, interface, etc. In this article, we studied the details of certain options to select the Deezer application instead of Spotify.

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