How to Use Animaze in Discord

Do you love animated characters while video chatting? If yes! We will help you to create animated characters using Animaze on Discord.

Animaze is used for video calling and streaming. You can use a character and represent it during the broadcasting and video calling. Select the free plan and enjoy multiple features of Animaze in Discord.

Play your favorite games as an avatar using Animaze.

This article will extensively discuss the method of using Animaze in Discord. Let’s start the blog.

What is Animaze?

For people, who love different characters Animaze is a good option. Using Animaze, you can easily copy different characters and live stream them. You can also share photos, videos, and on your favorite platforms like Instagram, Zoom, TikTok, etc.

The best part is that you can use Animaze for video calls and streaming for free. Do live streaming and video chatting using 2D and 3D avatars. Using the Animaze editor, add different props and variety of backgrounds.

How to Use Animaze in Discord?

Currently, the Animaze is available for Discord Windows users only. If you already installed Discord on your desktop then skip the first step.

Step 1: Install Discord and Animze

Install the Discord application on the desktop to start using the Animaze application. Install Discord from the official website along with Animaze for free :

Step 2: User Settings

Next, navigate to the downloads folder and launch the Animaze Launcher Installer:

It will take some time to apply the changes.

Step 3: User Settings

Navigate to Discord application and go to User Settings:

Now, scroll down and under App Settings click on Voice and Video:

Step 4: Video Settings

Scroll until the Video Settings option is visible. Under the Camera settings select Animaze Virtual Camera:

Step 5: Open Animaze

Last, navigate to Animaze, then click on Connect to Stream to start the broadcast of Animaze to Discord.


Can I use Animaze on Discord?

Yes, you can launch the Animaze installer from the website. Follow the steps to use Animaze on Discord for video calls.

How to use the Animaze virtual camera?

When you run the Animaze installer, the virtual camera is already installed. No need to install it separately.

Is Animaze free to use?

Animaze comes in three different plans. The first plan is free, just install and use. The second option is $19.99 annually and the third comes with a price of $99.99 annually.


So now you know the method to use Animaze in Discord. Run the Animaze installer then navigate to the user settings in Discord. Select the Animaze virtual camera then connect to the stream in Animaze to start video calling. In this article, we studied what Animaze is and the method to use Animaze in Discord.

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