How to Stop Spotify From Pausing

Feels annoying when your favorite songs stop in the middle and you find no certain cause for it. No worries! We will let you know the solutions to prevent Spotify from pausing the songs.

Spotify is a music application with millions of music lovers. At times, your favorite song pauses and now you will switch back to Spotify and replay the song. For instance, if you are using another application while listening to Spotify, you will need to switch between the two. Better to look into the major causes and the solution to prevent your songs from pausing.

This guide will cover the issues and the solutions to solve the problem.

This blog will cover the topics in the following manner:

  • Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Pausing
  • How to Stop Spotify from Pausing

Let’s start the guide!

Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Pausing

Spotify is popular for providing the latest songs to its users. At times there occurs an issue when Spotify pauses the song currently playing. There can be plenty of reasons for this certain problem. Let us look at some of the issues along with the solutions to listen to songs hassle-free.

How to Stop/Prevent Spotify from Pausing

At times the current song or a playlist pauses in Spotify so, let us look at the issues and the reasons to solve this problem.

1. Weak Internet Connection

Spotify pauses the current song because of a glitch in the internet connection or a weak connection. Check your internet connection and move to a better signal area. If using a router, try to restart it:

Weak Internet Connection

2. Update the Spotify Application

The pause issue also occurs when the Spotify application is not updated and the latest features don’t work on it. You can update your Spotify application by navigating to the PlayStore and clicking on Manage Apps and Device:

Update the Spotify Application

Now, update all the applications present on your device as this will also update Spotify:

Update the Spotify Application

3. Use the Autoplay Feature

Spotify’s autoplay feature allows you to listen to songs non-stop. If the autoplay feature is disabled, your songs will pause at times and you will need to manually select the song you wish to listen.

To enable the autoplay feature of Spotify, navigate to the Profile icon at the top-right corner and click on Settings:

Use the Autoplay Feature

Make the Autoplay button green to enable it as shown below:

Use the Autoplay Feature

This will allow you to listen to your songs non-stop without any pauses.

4. Hardware Issues

At times Spotify pauses the songs due to hardware issues. You can check your hardware with some other device to verify if the issue is solved or still the same. This will allow you to identify the issue whether it’s with the connected hardware source or something else.

5. Bluetooth Interference

For instance, if you’re using Bluetooth, remain close to the connected device. If you go far from the connected Bluetooth source the current song will suddenly pause. Ensure it remains intact with the Bluetooth device.

6. Someone Currently Using Your Spotify Account

Be aware! If someone is using your Spotify account, your current songs will pause and other issues can also occur. On the other hand, if your account is open on multiple devices, this will also create an issue since Spotify doesn’t allow you to operate the same account on multiple devices.

You can change your password and sign out from all the accounts currently in use to prevent the songs from pausing.

To do so navigate to the Accounts page as shown below:

Currently Using Your Spotify Account

Scroll down at the Accounts page and go to Security and Privacy. You will find the option to Change Password and Sign out  everywhere:

Currently Using Your Spotify Account

This will help you to keep listening to your favorite songs on the go!

7. Data Saver Mode

Better to switch off the data saver mode and you can do it from the Settings. For instance, if the data saver mode is on in Spotify, it will interfere with the streaming process and include pauses while listening to the songs.

8. Grant Permission to Spotify to Listen to Songs in Background

This problem occurs when you switch from Spotify to another application while listening to the songs. As soon as you move from the Spotify application, the current song stops playing and this creates an annoying situation.

9. Provide Rest to Your System

If you still find Spotify pausing your songs, you can provide rest to your device, be it a mobile phone or a PC. Switch it off and then wait for a moment before restarting. .

10. Corrupted Cache

If your Spotify’s cache is corrupted, this will pause the songs from playing. Let us look at the process to clear Spotify’s cache so that the process resumes smoothly.

In the first step, navigate to the Settings in your phone and click on Apps:

Corrupted Cache

Now, search for Spotify as depicted below:

Corrupted Cache

You can clear the cache now as shown below:

Corrupted Cache

This ends the discussion on how to stop Spotify from pausing.


So now you get an idea of how to stop Spotify from pausing. You can follow multiple solutions like clearing out the app cache, running the Spotify application in the background, and interface hardware devices, etc. In this article, we covered the major solutions to prevent the Spotify application from pausing.

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