How to Keep Spotify Playing in the Background on iPhone

Worried about the Spotify songs being unable to be played in the background? No need to worry! We will guide you regarding the steps that will help you to play the Spotify songs in the background on your iPhone.

Spotify provides millions of songs to its users through just a single click. You can enjoy songs on Spotify while using other applications. However, at times Spotify won’t allow you to play background songs.

This guide will move through a process that will help to songs to play songs on Spotify.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • Play Spotify Songs in the Background
  • Keep Spotify Playing Songs in the Background
  • Solutions/Methods to Solve Spotify’s Unable to Play Songs in Background

Let us start our guide!

Play Spotify Songs in the Background

First grant/permit your device to Spotify. Follow the steps mentioned to ensure that the music plays in the background on the iPhone.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

The first step involves navigating to the Settings of your iPhone and clicking on General:

Spotify Playing in the Background on iPhone

Step 2: Background App Fresh

Click on Background App Fresh then click on ON next to Spotify.

Spotify Playing in the Background on iPhone

Make Spotify green as the other icons are green as shown below:

Spotify Playing in the Background on iPhone

This will eventually let Spotify play the songs while you use other applications on your iPhone.

Keep Spotify From Playing Background Songs

After allowing Spotify to play your favorite songs in the background, it is time to check if the settings work. Let us follow some simple steps to ensure that Spotify works in the background or not.

Step 1: Open the Spotify Application

Navigate to the Spotify application and play your favorite songs or select the playlist you want:

Open the Spotify Application

Step 2: Navigate to Homescreen

Now, navigate to the home screen while playing Spotify in the background.

Step 3: Access the Control Center

Access the iPhone’s Control Center to control the songs currently played:

Access the Control Center

Resolve the Issue if Spotify not Playing in the Background

Suppose Spotify songs don’t play in the background, you can resolve this issue by simply following some of the below-mentioned solutions:

1. Use Data in Background

Allow the data to be used in the background to prevent Spotify from playing the songs in the background.

2. Avoid the Interruption from Other Output Apps

Avoid the interruption of any audio apps in the background since Spotify songs won’t be played.

3. Restart Your iPhone

If the problem persists, and the songs won’t play you can restart from your iPhone and open the Spotify application to enjoy your songs.

To do so first log out from your Spotify account and then restart your iPhone. Login in with your credentials as soon as the iPhone restarts. This will eventually let the songs play in the background.

4. Turn Off Battery Saver Mode

Sometimes, when the songs don’t play in the background on your iPhone, you can try this method to resolve the issue.

Go to iPhone’s Settings, then click on Apps then Manage Apps. Now, click on Spotify then Battery Saver, and click on No Restrictions for the Spotify applications.

This concludes the discussion on how to continue playing background Spotify songs on iPhone.


So, now you have an idea of how to continue the songs in the background using Spotify. You can first allow your iPhone to play Spotify in the background from the settings of the app then check if it is working or not. In this article, we discussed the method to keep Spotify playing in the background on iPhones along with different methods to resolve the issue if Spotify isn’t playing in the background.

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