What is Spotify Pie Chart Maker and How to Make it in 2024

Spotify pie chart is used to visualize and present your music preferences. Although Spotify lacks the feature for making pie charts, there are third-party tools (i.e.Spotify Pie) for making Spotify pie charts. Through these tools, you can easily connect to your spotify account and then generate Spotify pie charts based on your music history. 

This post will demonstrate the process of creating Spotify pie charts in 2024..

What is Spotify Pie Chart Maker and How to Make it in 2024?

You can use third-party tools for creating Spotify pie charts.

Step 1: Open Third-party Tool

Spotify doesn’t provide a feature that creates a pie chart based on user history. A third-party tool is an option for generating a pie chart based on Spotify data. Here is the link:

Spotify Pie Chart

Click the “Login with Spotify” button to connect with your Spotify account.

Step 2: Log in to Spotify

Choose the account or enter credentials to log in to Spotify:

Spotify Pie Chart

Step 3: Create a Spotify Pie Chart

After verification of your Spotify account, you will find the window just like below. Click on the button encircled with the bounding box:

Spotify Pie Chart

Step 4: View Your Spotify Pie Chart

Here is the pie chart based on your Spotify activities:

Spotify Pie Chart

Each color indicates its respective category, such as pop, classic, and more.


Does Spotify offer to create pie charts based on your activities?

No, Spotify does not have features that can be used to create pie charts based on your Spotify activities.

Can I create Pie Charts on Spotify?

Yes, you can utilize third-party tools like Spotify Pie, to create your Spotify pie charts.

Why should I create a Spotify pie chart?

With the Spotify pie chart, you can visualize your music preferences in a better way. 


You cannot create pie charts on Spotify directly, however, third-party tools can be used to create pie charts. Open the “https://huangdarren1106.github.io”, connect your Spotify account, and generate a Spotify pie chart.

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