What are Spotify Easter Eggs 2024

Not tried some of the famous Spotify easter eggs? No issue! We will cover some of the top hit easter eggs introduced by Spotify.

Spotify is a popular music platform that surprises its users with multiple features and easter egg is one of those features. Easter eggs introduced by Spotify add value to your music. You enjoy the music with a twist and it gives you positive vibes. These create a greater impact and a deeper connection with music lovers.

This article will discuss the following aspects:

  • What are Spotify Easter Eggs?
  • Top Easter Eggs on Spotify in 2024
  • Advantages of Spotify Easter Eggs

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What are Spotify Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs refer to a certain type of hidden message in the songs. Spotify releases Easter eggs for a limited period and are enjoyed by music lovers. The latest easter egg introduced is Star Wars and others are a part of history.

We look into the details regarding some of the top easter eggs introduced by Spotify.

Top Easter Eggs on Spotify in 2024

Getting into more details, it is time to review some of the top easter eggs by Spotify. Let us discuss some of these below:

1. Star Wars

The most famous easter egg in the town is Star Wars and is famous among music lovers. When you play Star Wars you will see a total of three lightsabers. Earlier more were introduced but Spotify reduced it to three. Let us look at the process to activate the lightsaber in the process below:

First, open the Spotify desktop application as shown below:

Spotify Easter Eggs

In the next step, navigate to Search at the left corner and type Star War Playlist in the search bar as depicted below:

Spotify Easter Eggs

Click on the playlist and start the song as shown below. Once the song starts you can see the lightsaber:

Spotify Easter Eggs

2. Nyan Cat

The music lovers can view a cat-themed lightsaber when Spotify introduced a Nyan Cat easter egg. This easter egg was introduced in the year 2011.

3. Winter Easter Egg

Regarding a Christmas theme, Spotify introduced an interactive lightsaber in the year 2019 with a snowfall and candy bar. This egg appeared and disappeared within no time and a single user was able to access it at a time.

4. Stranger Things

With its fame around the globe, Spotify also considered bringing a change for music lovers. Fans got a chance to see a flashlight when playing songs from Stranger Things. It attracted and grasped people’s attention for its uniqueness.

You can follow the steps mentioned in Star Wars to watch the lightsaber introduced by Spotify. We will show you how the lightsaber look for Stranger Things:

Spotify Easter Eggs

5. Pride Easter Egg

Spotify introduced the Pride easter egg in honor of a certain community in the Pride month of 2018. The slider color changed to rainbow when the volume went high. Spotify wins the hearts of many people by raising slogans like “Never turn it down again” to honor the community.

3. Barbie Easter Egg

The official Barbie playlist when played on Spotify turns the progress bar to pink which attracts Barbie fans. Since this movie gained immense popularity around the globe therefore fans find it quite interesting.

Advantages of Spotify Easter Eggs

Spotify easter eggs provide various benefits to its users. These advantages are listed below:

  • You get greetings from Spotify on special occasions like the Christmas easter egg.
  • The biggest advantage is that the feature is available for free and you can avail without a premium version.
  • Spotify added this feature to attract music lovers so that the love for music grows.

This sums up the discussion on Spotify easter eggs in 2024.


So now you have a good idea of Spotify’s easter eggs in 2024. The easter eggs in Spotify let you enjoy some of the top hits songs with its innovations like Star Wars, Barbie, and Stranger Things. In this article, we discussed the details regarding Spotify’s easter eggs in 2024 along with its benefits.


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