Spoiler: New Apple Watch Series 9 Improves Siri Processing and New Features

Spoiler: New Apple Watch Series 9 Improves Siri Processing and New Features

Apple fans were excited to watch Apple’s September live stream and see what’s new. The Apple Watch Series 9 may not have an extensive new look or lots of new stuff, but it does make the beloved wearable even better with some cool upgrades.

New Apple Watch Series 9 Improves Siri Processing and New Features

Below are some of the commendable features of the new Apple Watch Series 9:

S9 ChipEnhanced performance and improved battery life
Ultra Wide-Band (UWB)Improved iPhone tracking functionality
Double Tap GestureIntuitive gesture controls for Watch apps
FineWoven Watch StrapSustainable, eco-friendly alternative to leather
Carbon-Neutral ProductCommitment to environmental responsibility
PricingSeries 9 starting at $399, SE available at $249
Release DatePre-order now, available on September 22, 2023

Better Performance, Longer Battery Life

In the new Apple Watch Series 9, there’s a special chip called S9 that makes it work better and last longer. It’s got more parts for thinking (CPU) and making graphics (GPU) – 60% more for the CPU and 30% more for the GPU compared to the last one. This new chip makes the watch faster and more efficient. It also has a special part called a neural engine that helps Siri talk to you 25% faster.

Find Your iPhone Easily

If you lose your iPhone, the Series 9 watch can help you find it. It doesn’t just make a loud noise anymore. It shows you how far away it is and which direction to go.

Cool “Double Tap” Trick

The Series 9 watch can do a neat trick called “Double Tap”. It works when you tap your fingers together. The watch is super smart and can feel tiny movements in your wrist and changes in your blood. With this trick, you can control music, set timers, and do other things on the watch easily.

Eco-Friendly Straps

Apple is also taking steps to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable. They have a new strap called FineWoven, which is made from recycled stuff. Also, it does not cause as much pollution as leather. There’s also the Sport Loop strap, made from recycled yarn. Apple says this watch is their first one that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Price and When You Can Get It

The Series 9 Apple Watch is priced starting at $399. If this is beyond your budget, you have the option of the Apple Watch SE, which starts at $249. Both models are available for pre-order now and are scheduled to be released on September 22.

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