NetSuite Vs Odoo: ERP Comparison

Confused about how to select the best ERP for your business? No worries! We will guide you through the process of selecting the best ERP from Odoo and NetSuite.

Odoo and NetSuite are ERPs renowned globally among businesses. These ERPs are a source to provide its users with the best services. Some differences occur between the two ERPs however, it’s up to the company to select the best according to their need and wants from the customers.

This article will cover the following aspects:

  • Major Points Before Selecting ERP
  • Differences between NetSuite and Odoo
  • Customization
  • Price
  • Software Implementation
  • Modules Difference
  • Final Verdict

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Major Points Before Selecting ERP

Before selecting any ERP, it is better to look out for some main aspects before selecting the ERP. we will look at the main points below:

  • The total costs include the implementation and the annual costs that a company can bear.
  • Main features required by the company at the moment.
  • How long can a company bear to wait for the implementation process?
  • Effects of the software on the company’s growth

When you get the answers to these major questions, you are good at selecting the best software that fulfills your needs.

Differences Between NetSuite and Odoo

The two ERPs can be used as per the needs of your company. You can first look at the major differences and then select the best between NetSuite and Odoo.

1. Customization

The first difference occurs in customization when it is limited in NetSuite and better in Odoo. you can customize Odoo as per your functionality and which best suits your business. As you start looking at some other aspects like UI/UX, pricing, and others you will find Odoo to be the best ERP for your business.

2. Price

The major aspect in the selection between NetSuite and Odoo involves budget constraints. You need to manage your budget constraints when selecting a new software. Due to the huge price difference between Odoo and NetSuite, businesses usually prefer Odoo.

Odoo offers a starting price of $25 per month whereas, NetSuite comes with a monthly cost of $125. This huge cost difference between NetSuite and Oddo attracts more users to Odoo.

3. Software Implementation

The implementation method and cost vary from software to software. In some areas, NetSuite lags in the implementation phase. Odoo takes advantage and covers major software implementations. It covers a modular approach with easy implementation.

4. Modules Differences

So far, we studied the major differences between the two ERPs. let us now discuss the module differences between the two ERPs.

a. CRM

NetSuite provides the best facilities to its customers since customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the growth of your business. However, Odoo provides a smooth outline for all the processes in your business. Therefore, when we talk about CRM Odoo gets a point.

b. International Transactions and Accounting

NetSuite covers multiple currencies but Odoo covers far more currencies as compared to NetSuite. It is a global solution that covers accounting tasks and transactions from a broader perspective. 

c. Technical Limitations

When we talk about technical limitations, Odoo responds timely to user queries by providing backup whenever required however, many complaints were received from NetSuite users. NetSuite also offers fewer hosting options as compared to Odoo.

d. Live Chat Support

The live chat support option in Odoo allows you to interact with real-time website visitors and internally with employees. The ball for the live chat support also goes in the court of Odoo.

e. Sales Force Management

Both NetSuite and Odoo serve best for the sales team. However, Odoo provides some additional features like quotation templates that help to speed up the accounting process. As far as the Point Of Sale(POS) is concerned Odoo extends its services to a broader perspective as compared to NetSuite.

Final Verdict

As we already discussed when we need to select the ERP for our company or business we need to look at certain criteria in our mind along with the requirements or needs of the business.

Odoo shines brightly in every aspect be it customization, price, implementation process, and other aspects. It provides all-in-one solutions for your business to grow and flourish.

On the other hand, when we talk about NetSuite, it lacks some basic to advanced options which some users find difficult to select. It lacks scheduling, customization, and quality which are usually offered by other software.

Now, the choice is all yours to select the best for your business from NetSuite of Odoo.

This sums up the discussion on the ERP comparison of NetSuite and Odoo.

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