What is NetSuite ODBC Driver

What is NetSuite ODBC Driver

No idea, about the NetSuite ODBC driver? We will help you with the details of the NetSuite OBDC driver and an easy way to connect it with the NetSuite data.

To establish a strong connection between the NetSuite database and other applications, the ODBC driver serves the best. It is known as a universal translator between data stores and applications. It covers multiple features and certain solutions to the commonly faced problems.

This blog will cover the following details of the NetSuite OBDC driver:

  • What is the ODBC Driver in NetSuite?
  • How to Connect ODBC Driver to NetSuite?
  • Specifications of ODBC Driver
  • Features of ODBC Driver
  • Performance Issues Solved by ODBC

Let’s start the blog!

What is the ODBC Driver in NetSuite?

OBDC refers to Open Database Connectivity which establishes the connection between the NetSuite data and any other application. However, the selected application must support OBDC connectivity. You can perform multiple tasks like reading, writing, and updating using the NetSuite driver interface.

How to Connect ODBC Driver to NetSuite?

Connect the ODBC driver to NetSuite with the help of simple steps. Once the driver is installed, first create a DSN for NetSuite in ODBC data source administrator:

  • First, open ODBC data source administrator.
  • Choose from the System or User DNS. Most of the applications work with both types of DNS but some require you to select any one.
  • Once you click on Add, a new dialog box will open as Create New Data Source. Choose the Devart ODBC Driver for NetSuite and click on Finish to proceed.
  • Next, enter the relevant connection information. Then verify the connection by navigating to Test Connectivity.
  • Lastly, click on OK to save the newly created DNS.

Specifications of ODBC Driver

Some major specifications of ODBC drivers:

  • It is not confined to a single OS. It works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • ODBC driver fully supports both 32 and 64-bit applications.
  • It provides full support for any sort of data and language.

Features of ODBC

The NetSuite ODBC offers numerous features for its users. Some of the most highlighted features are listed below:

  • With the help of powerful metadata querying you can enable SQL-like access to non databases.
  • It uses modern cryptography to provide secure connectivity.
  • ODBC fully supports NetSuite asynchronous and synchronous services.
  • When using ODBC, the system fully supports the customs list record and fields.
  • Easy access to NetSuite’s real-time data.

Performance Issues Solved by ODBC

There are performance issues that can create disaster for applications. The biggest issue is the slow speed which disturbs the performance of the applications. When the data is accessed from any remote source, it creates hurdles. Some of the common issues are:

1. Large Amount of Data

Requesting large amounts of data creates a load on the system.

2. Network Connection

The slow connection in the mobile applications and the latency issues create a network hurdle.

3. Delay in Services

The delay in the services causes major hardware and software issues which ODBC solves.

This concludes the discussion on the NetSuite ODBC driver and the easy way to connect to NetSuite data.


Now you know what NetSuite ODBC driver is. The NetSuite ODBC driver establishes the connectivity between NetSuite data and other applications. In this article, we discussed the details of what is NetSuite ODBC driver, how to connect it with NetSuite, and the features along with the specifications of an ODBC driver.

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