Meta AI Launched New Features and Updates

Meta AI Launched New Features and Updates

Artificial Intelligence responds to queries similar to a human. You can ask AI anything, and it provides you with the best results. Therefore, Meta AI works purely on various types of Artificial Intelligence. It makes your work easy by providing the best suggestions for your queries. New updates launched by Meta AI on different applications enhance the user experience.

This article will proceed in the following pattern:

  • What is Meta AI?
  • How Meta AI Evolved?
  • Meta AI Launched New Features and Updates
  • Reels Using Meta AI
  • Updates and Features on Facebook
  • Instagram Update for the Creators
  • Use Imagine with Meta AI
  • Reimagine Feature on Instagram and Facebook
  • Smart Glasses
  • Conclusion

What is Meta AI?

Meta AI develops multiple versions of Artificial Intelligence. It helps people to solve the queries, which usually take a lot of time. All the requirements are to request the AI about your query and it replies accordingly.

Meta AI with its new features and enhancements, takes little time to grab public attention.

How Meta AI Evolved?

Initially, the development of Meta AI responded to user queries only. With the advancements, it is not confined to the query part but generates images, supports chat, and develops the best summaries according to the desired results.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other applications with more updates, which are a step more than chats.

Meta AI Launched New Features and Updates

Meta AI launches new features and updates its various applications after some time. Let us look at the recent updates by Meta AI.

Reels Using Meta AI

Text always seems boring, but after the addition of images, it looks more attractive to the user. The same goes with Meta AI’s new feature, which allows you to make and watch reels to enhance the user experience. Meta AI also lets you develop a strong connection with fellow creators and get inspiration from them.

For suppose, if you want to have dinner you can ask in Meta AI’s chat to generate reels of the restaurants instead of providing the information in the form of text.

Updates and Features on Facebook

The updates and features on Facebook enhance the user experience in the following ways:

1. Design a Post

You can create a post using Meta AI, just go to Meta AI chat and ask for the message or the post you want. You can also create a profile introduction using this feature or wish your friend his new job.

2. Conversion of Images

Meta AI can now convert the images from landscape to portrait or share the images easily.

3. Information in Group Chats

There is a new feature introduced by Meta AI that lets to stay active in the group chats and keeps the relevant information. It also introduces new topics for group chats to stay within the communities.

Instagram Updates for Creators

When you have a large audience, it becomes difficult for you to engage with everyone. This new Meta AI feature solved this problem. This is currently in the testing phase if a DM is opened by a content creator, Meta AI generates a reply based on tone and the content. The feature will eventually help to engage with the audience in a faster way.

Use Imagine With Meta AI

The imagine feature lets you create images from the text using Meta AI. you can use the Imagine website to create whatever you want. Just type the text and a beautiful image appears. This feature is now available for US users only and shortly will be available to people in different countries.

Reimagine Feature on Instagram and Facebook

The reimagine feature, which converts the text to image is incredible. The reimagine feature is enhanced using riff,  which means the required image from Meta AI when sent to your friend so they can convert it into a new image using Meta AI.

Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ben glasses with Meta AI let you experience the world around you just by using your voice. The glasses will also let you see through the built-in camera. You can even generate text from the photos taken during your travel. You can write a beautiful caption for the image you took during your journey.

The topic of new features and updates by Meta AI comes to an end.


Meta AI launches new features and updates for its applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. These features elevate the user experience. While some are still in the testing phase, others have captured the user’s attention. In this article, we studied new features and updates launched by Meta AI.

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