How The ChatGPT Watermark Works And Why It Would Be Defeated

ChatGPT is a language model created by OpenAI in November 2022. Since its launch, it has become a famous tool for writing poems, essays, blogs, and much more. Its release has increased the popularity of OpenAI. It has been extensively used to write code for various programming languages, for instance, java, HTML, Python, and many more. It also provides security against unauthorized use by using a watermark.

Working of ChatGPT Watermark:

ChatGPT watermark is a special code that helps to protect the language model from unauthorized use. It is added to the text that the language model uses. This lets the creator of the model know if someone is using the model without permission. So that they can stop it and can take action against it.

The idea behind the ChatGPT watermark is to allow the creators of the model to track its use and ensure that it is being used by their terms of service. For example, if a person is using the model to generate fake news it allows the creator to track the text back and take action against that person.

Why It Could Be Defeated:

  • There are many ways to defeat the ChatGPT watermarks. One of them is that the attacker could use techniques such as adversarial learning to create text different from the one used by “ChatGPT” and this particular text without a watermark so that it can use language models without detection.
  • There is also another possibility that an attacker can use is that it could remove the watermark after the text has been generated by using a machine learning algorithm for the process of removal of the watermark.
  • Text editing tools can be used to remove watermarks from the text. It is a time-consuming method but an effective one also it should be kept in mind its violation of OpenAI’s terms and conditions.
  • Another way to defeat the watermark would be to use an alternative API endpoint that does not embed the watermark information. For example, an attacker could use an older version of the API that does not include the watermark, or they could use a modified version of the API that has been specifically designed to bypass the watermark.


Although the ChatGPT watermark is a powerful tool and can be used against the attacker, it is not foolproof and could be used by attackers by using different techniques. The creators have to find new techniques to protect their language model from unauthorized usage. They should also continue to improve the watermark system to make it harder to defeat.

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