"How to Update Your Age on Discord: A Step-by-Step Guide"

How to Update Your Age on Discord

Discord is a platform where people of the same interest can find each other and communicate. With powerful text, voice, and video chat it also has the ability of screen sharing which has made it frequently used by most gamers. Discord has also become a quick communication app for connecting with people worldwide.

This blog will cover the following points:

  • How to Update/Change Age on Discord?
  • Can I Change/update My Age on Discord?
  • How Can I Add/Set My Age on Discord?
  • What is The Minimum Age Requirement to Use Discord?

How to Update Your Age on Discord?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your date information on Discord as it is bounded to your account. However, there is one way you can change it by submitting a request to the Discord help center and this procedure is explained in the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Submit Page Request

Go to Discord “Submit Page Request” on your favorite web browser to carry on the process of changing your date of birth on “Discord”:

Step 2: Submit a Request

From the drop-down menu, select the “Trust & Safety” option:

Step 3: Enter the Email

First of all, enter the email on which you have made your “Discord Account”. Secondly, in the highlighted section, select the “Appeals, age update and other question” option:

Step 4: Update My Age

In this section, select “Update my age information”:

Now, write the correct date of birth in the text field:

Step 5: Add Description

Specify a description of why you want to change your “birth information”. You can also attach your ID card picture, however, it is an optional step:

Click on the “Submit” button:

If you have followed the procedure carefully, then you will get a notification as shown below:

Can I Change My Age on Discord?

If you are under the age of 13 years old, you cannot change your date of birth without a Discord help Center assistant. If you have mistakenly added the wrong date of birth, then change it with the assistance of the “Discord Help Center”.

How Can I Add/Set My Age on Discord?

When creating a Discord Account, you can set your age. But it has to be remembered that if you are below the age of 18, access a limited number of servers and text channels based on your age.

What is The Minimum Age Requirement to Use Discord?

Yes, Discord is age restricted. A person can use Discord if he or she is at least the age of 13. But if a user is found to have lied about his or her age the account may be blocked or terminated.


Discord has an age restriction that requires users to be at least 13 years old to use the platform. If you are under 18, you may have limited access to certain features on Discord. It’s important to follow the age restrictions on Discord to ensure a safe and appropriate experience for everyone. Moreover, changing your age on Discord is not possible without contacting Discord support. This blog provided steps for changing age on Discord.

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