Unistall Betterdiscord

How to Uninstall BetterDiscord

Discord is an application that provides instant messaging services to its users. To use more features that Discord doesn’t provide many Discord users have installed BetterDiscord but it violates the terms and conditions of the Discord application.

This guide will explain step-by-step instructions to uninstall the better discord.

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How to Uninstall BetterDiscord?

Using BetterDiscord can get your account banned and some of the custom content available may have malware or steal personal information. Below mentioned steps will help you to uninstall “BetterDiscord

Step 1: Open Website

Open the website  from where you have downloaded the ‘’BetterDiscord” for the first time:

Step 2: Installation Process

After reading the “License Agreement” click on the “Next” button:

Step 3: Uninstall “BetterDiscord”

Then the “Choose an Action” Dialog box will appear. Here, select the “Uninstall BetterDiscord” option and click on “Next”:

Now, choose the version of “Discord” you have installed by “browsing”’ it:

After clicking on the “Browse” option of your “Discord Version” select “Uninstall”:

Now, you will see that “Discord” is “restarting” :

Step 4: Verification

After uninstalling “BetterDiscord” you will see that its features are no longer available:

That is all from the guide.


To uninstall “BetterDiscord” click on the “Uninstall BetterDiscord” button. After that, select the “Discord” version you have already installed and select the “Uninstall” button. It will take about one minute to restart “Discord” and then you will see that the “BetterDiscord’ feature is no longer available.

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