How to Unfriend Someone on Discord

Discord permits you to add friends directly using the username or by sending invites to the server members. However, several reasons may result in unfriending someone on Discord. For instance, one may not want to keep in touch with someone anymore or may get offended by the content they share. In such cases, Discord allows its users to unfriend people they do not want to keep on their friend list.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • How to Unfriend/Remove Someone on Discord Desktop?
  • How to Unfriend/Remove Someone on Discord Mobile?

So, let’s start!

How to Unfriend or Remove Someone on Discord Desktop?

If you unfriend someone on Discord, you won’t be able to see their messages on the server you share. They will not be notified about being unfriended. Follow the procedure to unfriend or remove someone on Discord Desktop:

Step 1: Launch Discord

To open Discord, click on the Search bar present on the left side of the taskbar and type “Discord” then click on the “Open” button:

Step 2: Select Friend

You can select the friend by right-clicking on it from the “friends” tab:

A menu list will appear. Click on “Remove Friend”:

Click on “Remove Friend” again for confirmation:

You can see that “Zoha” is successfully unfriended:

How to Unfriend or Remove Someone on Discord Mobile?

Being a mobile user, Discord also permits you to unfriend anyone you want. The following procedure will guide you to remove someone on Discord mobile:

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the Discord app from your phone’s menu:

Step 2: Friends Tab

Go to the “Friends” tab by hitting the icon present on the left side of Discord’s home tab:

Step 3: Select Friend

Tap on the particular friend you want to unfriend:

Tap on the three dots:

Step 4: Remove Friend

Tap on “Remove Friend” to remove that particular person from your friend list:

You can see that “Penguin” has been removed from my friend list:

We have provided the simplest procedure for unfriending someone on Discord.


To unfriend someone on the Discord desktop, right-click on that friend in the friend’s tab. Click on “Remove Friend” and then again click on “Remove Friend” for confirmation. For unfriending someone on the Discord mobile, go to the “Friends” tab. Hit the friend’s name you really want to unfriend, and tap on the three dots. Tap on “Remove Friend”. That’s how you can unfriend or remove someone on Discord desktop and mobile.

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