How to Show Spotify on Discord Mobile

If a Discord user wants to share his music interest with his friends, for this he must need to connect his Discord account with Spotify which is an online music streaming platform. After connecting the account, the user can share the current song he is listening to, and his playlist on Spotify, and his friend can let him be the DJ.

This write-up is all about showing Spotify on Discord mobile.

How to Show/Display Spotify on Discord Mobile?

Discord allows its users to connect the Spotify account so that they can share the music of their interest with each other. Follow these steps to connect your Discord account with Spotify:

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the Discord app from your phone’s menu:

Step 2: Open Settings

Tap on the “Profile Picture” icon for re-directing to the User Settings:

Step 3: Open Connections

Connections allows you to connect your Discord account with other social platforms. To connect Spotify with Dicsord, tap on the “Connections” tab:

Tap on the “ADD” button:

Step 4: Connect to Spotify

Tap on “Spotify”. Before that make sure that SPOTIFY is already installed on your mobile:

Your Spotify and Discord accounts are now connected:

Step 5: Verify Spotify in Discord

You can clearly see that my Spotify account is now connected with Discord:

That is all from the guide.


To connect your Spotify account with Discord mobile, you need to download Spotify on your mobile, first, then open your Discord mobile app. Tap on the “Profile Picture” icon for navigating to the open user settings. After that, tap on “Connections” and then on the “ADD” button. Tap on Spotify. That’s how you can connect Spotify and Discord accounts.

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