How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile

On the Discord chat app, users can’t text or video chat with each other. This software was created specifically for the gaming industry. Other than gaming groups, there are other communities with a diverse population. It can be accessed on iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and PC.  Sending videos to your friends is one of its many functions.

This article will explain thoroughly about sending videos on Discord Mobile App.

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile?

The following stepwise guide is going to be very helpful in case you want to send videos on the Discord mobile app.

Step 1: Launch App

Make sure that the app is installed on your phone. Launch App on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Open Direct Message

 Open the server or any friend’s direct message where you want to send videos:

Step 3: Open the Chat Window

The Direct Message window where we want to send videos is open now :

Step 4: Click the Icon to Add a Video

By clicking the “+” icon, you will get access to your gallery where you saved your videos as well as pictures:

Step 5: Select Video

In this step, you select the videos you want to send to a server or your friend. Here, we have selected one video to send to our friend:

Step 6: Wait for a few Seconds

 You can see in the below-attached screenshot that the video is being processed before sending. It may take some time depending on your internet connection:

Step 7: Verification

 When the progress bar reaches 100%, the video will be sent successfully to the significant other:

In this way, with some easy steps, you will be able to send videos to your friends and over servers in seconds.


In order to send a video on Discord mobile, open the chat window of your friend, and click on the “+” icon. Then, attach the desired video and hit enter. This article helped the reader to understand how to send videos to their friends as well as over servers joined by them on Discord by following this easy step-wise guide to avoid any inconvenience.

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