How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify

Spotify is a podcast and music application that has gained popularity in the following years due to its exciting features. Users can listen to music and podcasts and share their favourite music and podcasts with their family and friends. The other user can also like and follow your public playlists on Spotify.

Liking Playlist means saving it for the future to listen to music from it.

This write-up will show you how to view the followers of your Spotify playlist.

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How to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

Unfortunately, Spotify users can’t see who has liked and followed their public playlist. However, they can see how many likes they have got. To see likes and followers in the playlist follow the below article:

Step 1: Open Spotify

Open “Spotify” on your pc by searching it manually in the “start-up” menu:

Step 2: Open Profile

By selecting the “Profile” option found by clicking on the “Profile icon“:

Step 3: Check Followers

By dropping down the “Profile” you will see your ”Public Profile” with their “followers”:

Step 4: Display Likes

To see the number of “Likes”, click on the “Playlist” and you will see how many like your playlist has got:

 It’s important to keep in mind that these steps only apply to public playlists. If a playlist is private, the likes will not be visible to others.


Spotify users cannot see who has liked their public playlist, they can see the number of likes their playlist has received. This can be done by opening Spotify, going to the user’s profile, clicking on the “Playlist” option, and viewing the number of likes. This information can be found by following the steps outlined in the article.

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