How to See Who Blocked You on Spotify?

How to See Who Blocked You on Spotify?

Spotify is an online music streaming platform with an immense library of songs that allows users to enjoy their preferred playlists and podcasts anytime and anywhere. Although Spotify offers many attractive features that appeal to its audience, it still lacks some crucial functionalities. Such as Spotify doesn’t let you see if someone blocked you but there are a few steps you can follow to get your purpose done.

This guide will elaborate on how to see who blocked you on Spotify.

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Ways to Check Who Has Blocked You on Spotify

In Spotify, you can not remove a follower directly from your profile, you need to block the person for this purpose. The other person will not get notified if got blocked by you. One will not be able to see your profile, playlists, and listening activity but your likes and comments on the public account will be visible to the blocked person. You cannot directly check if you have been blocked by someone as Spotify does not provide this feature. However, if you suspect someone, you can try these steps to clear your doubt:

Step 1: Search for their Profile

The first step you need to do is to try searching for their profile through their username. If their profile is visible then no worries, you have not got blocked. In case you are unable to see their profile, it is possible that they might have blocked you but to make sure, perform the rest of the steps:

Step 2: Access Their Profile Through the Direct Link

If you have a kind of link to their account i.e. to their profile or playlist, try using that. If the profile or the content you are accessing is visible then they have not blocked you. In case you can not access the mentioned things, the first condition is that they might have blocked you, and the other one is that they might have set some sort of privacy over their profile and content or they might have deleted it. Perform the last step, it will help you to assure your doubt.

Step 3: Ask for Help from Mutual

Ask a friend to check if they can access the person’s profile. If yes, then it is obvious that the particular person has blocked you.

That’s how you can see if you got blocked by someone on Spotify.


Unfortunately, Spotify does not enable the users to see who blocked them. However, by performing a few steps, you can determine who has blocked you. These steps include searching the suspect’s profile via the username, trying to access their profile or playlist through a direct link, or asking a mutual friend to check if they are able to access the suspect’s profile or not. If all these conditions turn out to be true then it is likely possible they have blocked you. That’s how you can determine if you got blocked by someone on Spotify.

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