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How to Remove Phone Number on Discord

Discord is an app that is used for chatting with friends, and family via voice, video, or text. You can make your Servers, Text Channels, and Voice Channels. Removing a phone number from a Discord account can be done for privacy or security reasons, or to simply no longer have the number associated with the account. Discord has many features and functions that help you to make a community, order groups, and work on different projects.

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How to Remove Phone Number on Discord?

Discord provides its users full reliability to add or remove phone numbers. Usually, users remove phone numbers because they want to change them and for many other reasons. You can remove your Phone Number simply by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Launch Discord

Open “Discord” app on your Pc by searching it in the search bar:

Step 2: Open Settings

Open “User Settings” by clicking on the “gear” icon at the bottom of the “Discord” window.

Step 3: Remove the Phone Number

After you have clicked on “User Settings” a window will get opened with the title of “My Account”. Now, here you will see an input field with the heading “Phone Number”. Here click on the “Remove” option:

Step 4: Enter Password

Now enter “Password” to continue the process of removing “Phone Number”:

Step 5: Select the Remove Button

After entering “Password” click onthe “Remove” button to remove your “Phone Number”:

Step 6: Verification

“Phone Number” is successfully removed. You can verify if your “Phone Number” is removed or not by looking at it in the “Phone Number Input Field”.

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To remove your phone number on discord go to “User Settings” and then from “My Account”. After that, select the “Remove” button which is in front of your phone number. Now, reenter your “Password”. In this way, your phone number is successfully removed from discord.

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