How to Refresh Discord on Desktop and Mobile Applications?

How to Refresh Discord on Desktop

Discord is a kind of social media in which we connect with friends and family through chat, voice and video call. To restart discord servers means you want to remove all the channels and also remove all the discord roles and permissions. Discord refresh is used to clear store records and restart the client. Discord can be easily refreshed by the actual physical keyboard. Simply press the Discord hotkey (CTRL + R) to refresh the stage.

  • Method 1: Refreshing Discord via Shortcut Key
  • Method 2: Restart your Application
  • Method 3: Closing Discord Application from taskbar
  • Method 4: Restart Your system

Method 1: Refreshing Discord via Keypad Shortcut (On Desktop)

The first and quickest way to refresh your discord on desktop is to firstly use the Discord refresh hotkey which is “CTRL + R’’ and which will help you to resolve the problem whenever you’ll face while using discord.

After using the Discord refresh hotkey the following picture will display on screen for you as shown below, just wait for a while until your discord application works:

Refreshing: (On Mobile Application)

If you are facing a problem in your discord application on mobile phones just pull your screen from the bottom to refresh your application.

This method is very simple and easy which will help you while facing errors.

Method 2: Refreshing Discord by Restarting Your Application

The second way to refresh Discord is to restart the discord and delete all the files which are placed on your server by following these instructions below:

Step 1: Exit Application

First of all just exit your Discord application on desktop:

Step 2: Open Search Bar

 Then open your search bar, type “%appdata%’’ in the search bar and select the option “File Folder’’:

In this folder, you will receive the existing application’s information.

Step 3: Delete Files

After that search and find your Discord app then delete all the files contained in this folder:

Delete all the files in the ‘“discord’’ application folder:

Step 4: Log In

At last search for Discord and log into your account to restart your application:

After searching for Discord now go to login:

Method 3: Refreshing Discord by Closing the Discord Application

To refresh discord follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Search Discord

First search discord on your taskbar as shown below:

Step 2: Right Click

After searching discord on the taskbar, right click on discord and then tap ‘’Close Window’’ as shown in the figure:

Then wait for a while after some time your discord will start working.

Method 4: Refresh Discord by Restart Your System

On desktop, if you want to refresh your Discord application you have the option to restart your computer so that your discord can work properly:

On mobile applications, if you are facing some problem in your discord application you have a choice to reboot your system so that your system can work properly and you have a chance to resolve your issue:


To refresh your app, you can use Discord refresh hotkey “CTRL +R’’, restart your application, close your app from the taskbar or you can visit “file folder’’ by searching “%appdata%’’ in the search bar and delete all the files of the discord application. This article has explained all possible methods to refresh discord on desktop and mobile applications.

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