How to Make a Welcome Channel Discord?

How to Make a Welcome Channel Discord?

Discord is an app that is used for chatting with friends, and family via voice, video, or text. It can be used by people of all professions including content creators, gamers, and businessmen to voice, text, and video chat. Additionally, the application offers a variety of customizable features, such as roles, emojis, bots, and permissions.

This blog will discuss the approach to making a welcome channel on Discord.

How to Make/Create a Welcome Channel Discord?

It is a text channel that is specially made to welcome new members of the Discord Server. The primary purpose of this channel is to provide a facility for the new members to introduce themselves to each other and ask questions about server rules and regulations. These are the first channels users see when joining a “Discord Server”.

Step 1: Select Server

Select the server for which you want to make a “Welcome Channel”:

Step 2: Create/Make a Welcome Channel

Here, a menu of options will appear. From these options, select “Create Channel” by clicking on the “+” icon:

Step 3: Set Channel

Set your “Channel Name” and its type and then click on “Create Channel”:

Step 4: Channel Settings

You can configure your channel settings by clicking on “Edit Channel” and adding “Channel Topic”. At last click on the “Save Changes” button:

Step 5: Send Welcome Message

Your “Welcome Channel” is all set to use. For the new members, you can send a “Welcome Message” to the channel as follows:

That’s how you can welcome new members on Discord by creating a separate channel.


Creating a Welcome channel in Discord is a straightforward process that can be helpful for new members to feel comfortable and ask different questions. By selecting the server, creating a new channel, setting the channel type and topic, and sending a welcome message, server owners and administrators can provide a space for newcomers to introduce themselves and ask questions about the server. This blog discussed the approach for creating a Welcome channel on Discord.

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