How to Make Spotify Louder and Sound Better

You might have observed some people who listen to really loud music. It’s because it makes them feel happy. Scientifically, it is proven that endorphins are released while listening to loud music. Low frequencies exceeding 90 dB are more likely to stimulate this link.

Spotify provides its users with a platform where they have access to a vast number of tracks. Because of the features Spotify provides, distinguish it from other music streaming services. Just like the other in-app features, you can also adjust the audio level and its quality.

This article will discuss the following content:

  • How to Make Spotify Louder on Desktop?
  • How to Make Spotify Louder on Mobile?

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How to Make Spotify Sound Louder on a Desktop?

Follow these steps to make Spotify louder on your desktop:

Step 1: Open Spotify

Type “Spotify” in the Search bar and then click on the “Open” button:

Step 2: Volume up

Make sure the volume bar is present at the right bottom of the window, drag to maximum value:

Step 3: Go to Settings

Click on the three dots icon that is present at the top left side of the window:

Click on “Edit” and then on “Preferences”:

Users can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+P” to access the setting.

Step 4: Adjust VolumeSettings

Under the “Audio quality” option, scroll down the mouse:

Set the streaming quality to “very high”:

Set the download quality to “very high”:

Set the volume level to “loud”:

Set the equalizer to “Flat”:

How to Make Spotify Louder on Mobile?

Follow these steps to make Spotify louder on the mobile application:

Step 1: Adjust Phone volume

It is the best way to increase the volume at maximum value by pressing the volume up key:

Step 2: Open Spotify

Tap on Spotify’s app icon to open it:

Step 3: Go to Profile’s Icon

Tap on your profile’s icon as seen below:

Tap on the gear icon to open settings:

Step 4: Adjust Audio Settings

Under the Audio quality section, set Wifi streaming and cellular streaming to “High”:

That is all from the guide.


To make Spotify louder on a desktop, first, set the volume bar of Spotify to the max. Then go to the settings and adjust the “Audio quality” settings accordingly. On mobile, set the phone’s volume to the max then go to Spotify’s settings. Scroll down and look for “Audio quality”, and set them to “high”. That’s how you can make Spotify sound louder on desktop and mobile.

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