How to Make a Server Status on Discord

Discord is a communication application where you can engage with your friends, families, or different people around the world via voice text or video. The discord server allows users to join a voice chat with other users while playing different games. It is mainly used by gaming communities like youtube, twitch, Facebook, etc.

Here in this article, we will create A Discord Server. So let’s start the procedure:

How to Create a Discord Server on a Desktop?

To create the Discord Server on your Desktop, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the “Discord” application from the “Startup menu” by searching it in the search box:

Step 2: New Server

After opening  Discord click on the “+” button on the left side as shown in the picture. This option is used to create anew server.

Step 3: Select Create My Own

After you have clicked on the “+” button a screen. It will pop up with the title. Create a server

then click on “Create My Own”. It will take you to another screen:

Step 4: Choose Server Type

In this step, you have to choose whether you want to make a “Community Club Server” or a “Friends and Family Server”. In this article, we have chosen “Community Club”.

Step 5: Give Name to Server

Now what you have to do is give a name to your server you can also upload a picture as an icon and it has the advantage that you can change your Discord server name and picture at any time:

After giving a name and uploading a picture click on “Create” on the right bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Discord Server is Created

Congratulations you have successfully created “A Discord Server”.

Step 7: Invite Other People

You can now invite other people can change the server’s settings, and notification settings, with the help of the provided options:

That is all from the guide.


You can create a discord server simply by clicking on create my own and then on the option of your own choice of server. After that, insert the server’s name and the server picture of your choice.

Now you have successfully created a  discord server. Additionally, you can text video and audio to your family friends, and other people on your discord server by adding them from the provided options. In this article, we have discussed the procedure of creating a discord server.

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