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How to Make Rules in Discord

Discord is a communication application in which millions of people are connected. It has a large number of Servers created by users. Each server owner can add about 250,000 members to it. However different servers have different types of people. Therefore, the Server owner makes some rules for a peaceful server environment and also takes every member with the server.

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How to Make Rules in Discord?

For the creation of “Rules” in your “Server” follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Launch Discord

Openthe “Discord” application on your pc by searching it manually in the “startup” menu:

Step 2: Server Settings

Select the “Server” for which you want to make rules and select “Server Settings”:

Step 3: Enable Community

From the “Community” tab select “Enable Community” and then click on the “Get Started” button:

Step 4: Setup Community Server

Tick the “Selection Boxes” beneath the title of “VERIFICATION LEVEL” and “EXPLICIT MEDIA CONTENT FILTER and click on “Next”:

If you want that “Server Member” must follow the “RULES OR GUIDELINE CHANNEL” and “COMMUNITY UPDATE CHANNEL” select the option “create one me”:

Now, tick the “Selection Boxes” of “Default notification to Mention Only” and “Remove moderation permission from @everyone” and then after reading “Community Guidelines”.

Finally, tick on the “I agree and understand” tickbox and lastly click on “Finish Setup”:

Step 5: Rules Screening

In the “Rules Screening” tab click on “Set up Membership Screening”:

Step 6: Set up Server Rules

After enabling the community features, select “Rule Screening” an option in the “Moderation” tab and click on “Get Started”:

A dialogue box will pop up titled “Server Rules” select or type rules and then click on “Save”:

Step 7: Verify

Now click “Enable” after you have done “Rules Screening” and lastly and description about your server and click on “Verify”:

You can “Disable” them at any time by clicking on the “Disable” button:

That is how to make rules in discord.


To make rules in a “Server”, select the “Server” and click on “Server Settings”. Click  “Community Tab” and choose “Get Started”. Now fill in the requirements and then in the “Rule Screening” again click on “Get Started”. Make or select the rules and click on “save” to save the “Server Rules”.

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