How to Make a Group Chat on Discord

How to Make a Group Chat on Discord

Discord is a chat platform where different people communicate through text or video chat. This software is specially developed for the gaming community. There are communities other than gaming and a wide range of people are added up in those communities. It is available on PC, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS. A web version is also available but the application is the preferable option. It has a variety of features out of which is group chatting with more than one person.

 This article is going to help you with how to make/create a group chat on Discord. On your mobile phones as well as desktops.

How to Make a Group Chat on Mobile App?

This section will let you know how to make/create a group chat on Discord using your mobile application. The app version of Discord is preferred by the general public or users of Discord.

Step 1: Discord Installation

Make sure to install Discord from the App Store or Play Store. Installation time depends upon your internet connection speed:

Step 2: Launch Discord App

After the successful installation, Launch the Disccord app. As soon as the app launches, you have to log in to your account, If you already signed up. You can also sign up to make a new account if you don’t have one.

The Discord Interface will look like the image attached below right after when you will log in to your Discord account:

Step 3: Select Direct Message Option

Click On the Blue colored icon, which represents the direct message icon. By clicking on it you will see all your messages:

Step 4: Add Friends

 Click on the “Add friends” option. However, if there are no friends in your friend list:

  • Add by usernames
  • Add them from your contact list to your Discord friend list.
  • Add them by scanning feature.

If you want to exit, simply press the “x” shaped icon:

Step 5: Click on New Group DM

Click on the respective icon. This is the initial step towards creating the group chat:

Step 6: Add Participants

After clicking the DM option, now click on the checkbox to select members that you want to add to the group and click “Start”:

Step 7: Group Creation

After adding members, a group with selected members will be created and a group chat will be launched successfully:

How to Make a Group Chat on a Desktop?

This section will let you know how to make/create a group chat on Discord on your desktop. Search Discord on the browser and log in to your account with your respective email and password.

Step 1: New Group DM

By clicking on the New Group DM icon, a list of friends for you will be opened so that you can add them to a group. Select friends from the list:

Step 2: Choose Participants

Select members, you want to add by clicking on checkboxes and pressing the “Create Group DM “ button. Here, we have created a group with two members in it. You can create a group with up to 10 members in each group including yourself:

Step 3: Create Group Chat

It can be observed that the group chat successfully launched with two members. You can send messages with GIFs, emojis, etc:

You can create a group chat on Discord desktop and mobile.


You can make a group chat by clicking on plus sign in the top-right corner of the Dm window, adding as many friends as you want, and pressing Create Group DM.

This article explained to the reader how to make a group chat on Discord on their mobile phones and the desktop/browser version. This stepwise guide will help you a lot in communicating with your friends about your live game matches or with your colleagues regarding some project issues.

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