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How to Lock Roles on Discord- Step by Step

Discord is a communication app where people can communicate with each other through text messages, audio and video calls, and also through servers. One Discord server can have up to 250,000 members and to manage the server, the server owner assigns different roles to its trusty members. However, the Server Owner can also take back the roles of all members by locking their roles at once. Then The Admins, and Moderators will not able to use their roles until the Server Owner unlocks their roles.

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How to Lock Roles on Discord?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to lock roles on the Discord Server:

Step 1: Launch Discord

Launch “Discord” by searching it manually in the “startup” menu:

Step 2: Server Settings

Now, select the “Server” for which you want lock roles, and then press the “right click” on the Server in “Server Settings”:

Step 3: Select Roles

Now, from the “Server Settings” select “Roles”:

Step 4: Default Permissions

In the “Roles” section select “Default Permission” which is the first option:

Step 5: Manage Permissions

By scrolling down you will see a toggle titled “Manage Permissions”. “Disable” the toggle and then click on “Save changes”:

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To lock roles on Discord, access the server settings, select roles, and toggle off the manage permissions option. This will prevent any changes to the default permissions for that role. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily lock roles on your Discord server.

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