How to Link Apple Calendar to Notion

How to Link Apple Calendar to Notion

No idea how to link Apple Calendar with Notion? No worries! We will teach you by step-by-step process to connect Apple Calendar with Notion.

The integration process of your Apple Calendar with Notion vanishes many problems like switching between the two applications and trying to organize the work in Notion and Apple Calendar. Therefore, the Notion integration option allows you to connect your Apple Calendar with Notion.

In this guide, we show you some methods to connect Apple Calendar with Notion.

We will study the following topics:

  • Need to Integrate Your Calendar with Notion
  • How to Link/Connect Apple Calendar to Notion?
  • Using the Integration Feature of Notion
  • Connecting Apple Calendar with Notion Using the URL

Need to Integrate Your Calendar with Notion

Be it Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, or any other calendar, the need to integrate arises to continue a hassle-free working experience. Let us visit some points to get the benefits of connecting your calendar with Notion.

  • The integration saves you from bouncing between the applications. This saves time and increases the efficiency. You can perform all your activities on a single platform.
  • You can keep reminders through Notion and schedule your tasks easily with Calendar. This helps you to organize your work.
  • Avail many other options with a combination of Notion and your calendar.

Without any hassle, you can connect your Apple calendar to Notion. If you are a Notion user you might find it difficult to work separately on both Apple and Notion calendars. Therefore, the best way is to connect both calendars to avoid any issues.

Let us visit the two methods to simplify the process.

Method 1: Using the Integration Feature of Notion

The integration feature of Notion solves the major problem for many applications since it allows the apps to connect easily. Here we will use the integration feature to link the Apple Calendar with Notion.

Step 1: Open Notion

You can either open the application or navigate to the website and log in with your credentials. The Notion page opens:

Step 2: Select the Page

Here you can avail of any option as per your preference. Choose any existing page or create a new one for your Apple Calendar events. If you want to create a new page you can select the New page option from the left pane as shown below:

Step 3: Navigate to Integrations Tab

Now, move the integrations tab from the Settings on the left pane and search for the Apple Calendar.

Step 4: Select Apple Calendar

Search for Apple Calendar from the list of available integrations. If the Apple Calendar is not listed then proceed to another method which will be discussed as this article advances.

Follow the instructions and link to the Apple Calendar through your Apple account. You can now select the required calendar to link with Notion.

Step 6: Adjust Settings

Since the connection is established between the Apple Calendar and Notion, now you can check the settings for the appearance of the Calendar. Your Apple Calendar will appear on the Notion’s page.

There is a possibility that the Notion integration might not work with Apple Calendar but the above guidelines serve as general instructions for other integrations also. Therefore, we will move to another method that easily connects the Apple Calendar with Notion.

Connecting Apple Calendar With Notion Using URL

This method allows you to connect the Apple Calendar with Notion by following simple steps.

Step 1: Open Apple Calendar

In the first step, open the Apple Calendar and then right-click on the calendar for the URL. Copy this URL of your preferred calendar.

Step 2: Navigate to Notion

From Notion, go to the Integrations tab and select External Calendar.

Step 3: Paste the Selected URL

You can now paste the selected URL into the field present.

Step 4: Update Calendar

You can now update the calendar to import all the events of the APlle Calendar to Notion.

This wraps up the discussion on how to link/connect Apple Calendar with Notion.


So now you have an idea of how to link/connect Apple Calendar with Notion. By following the integration option of Notion, the tasks become simple and easy. In this article, we studied two different methods on how to link Apple Calendar with Notion along with the need to integrate your calendar with Notion in detail.

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