How to handwrite in Notion?

How to handwrite in Notion?

A well-known tool for collecting notes and managing projects is Notion.  These are just a few of the many features it has, including the ability to create dashboards, embed music, embed maps, and perform many more tasks. Furthermore, it’s entirely feasible to incorporate images into banners and headers.

Beyond its capacity for database creation, Notion boasts a range of features that surpass what one would typically find in note-taking software. One particularly noteworthy feature is its ability to seamlessly integrate handwritten notes into your Notion workspace.Handwritten notes offer flexibility as we can quickly jot down different ideas and pieces of information can be annotated easily.

This guide will discuss different methods for handwriting in Notion.

Does Notion Provide Hand Write Feature?

Answering this query, Notion does not provide such a feature where you can directly handwrite in it. In the coming future, it can be expected to stay up to date regarding Notion’s Official announcements.

This article will provide you with ways by which handwritten notes can be added to the Notion.

How to Handwrite in the Notion?

Below are some methods by which you can indirectly add handwritten notes in Notion.

Method 1: How to Handwrite in Notion using Hand Writing Software?

The very first method is to handwrite in a notebook using the handwriting apps like GoodNotes, Squid, Notability, etc. This software allows you to write stuff using your hands, you can write in freestyle by pouring a lot of creativity. Later save the stuff as PNG or JPEG and insert it into the notion using an Image block.

Notion supports collaboration, you can share your handwritten notes with team members or collaborators by granting them access to the respective pages. Additionally, both your handwritten notes and other content within Notion can be synchronized across devices, ensuring accessibility and continuity.

Method 2: How to Handwrite in Notion using Wacom?

The second and mostly used method by the public is using Wacom. Wacom is a graphic tablet. You can connect your graphic tablet to your desktop and with the help of compatible software like Adobe Illustrator you digitally draw or write stuff. You save/export it and add it as an image block when needed. Moreover, you can create a comprehensive workspace that seamlessly incorporates your handwritten notes alongside your other digital data.

Method 3: How to Handwrite in Notion by Scanning?

You can also add handwritten notes by writing stuff on paper and scanning them. After scanning, save them as images (JPEG or PNG) or even in PDF. Add an image block and add the image or the PDF in it. Both your handwritten notes and other content within Notion can be synchronized across devices, ensuring accessibility and continuity.


In conclusion, Notion is a versatile tool for collecting notes and managing projects, offering a wide range of features like dashboards, embedded media, database creation, and more. However, as of now, Notion does not provide a built-in handwriting feature. Nevertheless, there are alternative methods to add handwritten notes to Notion.

Handwriting software apps like GoodNotes, Squid, or Notability allow you to handwrite content, save it as images, and insert them into Notion using Image blocks. Additionally, using a graphic tablet like Wacom or scanning handwritten notes and adding them as images can also incorporate handwritten elements into Notion. While Notion does not natively support handwriting, these methods enable the flexibility and creativity of handwritten notes within the platform.

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