How to Fix High-Pitched Noise During Songs

How to Fix High-Pitched Noise During Songs on Spotify

Spotify is a worldwide famous music streaming platform comprising millions of active users. Its vast song library has made it a top choice for music lovers seeking peace and joy in their music experience. Music has become another form for people to feel less stressed and happier in their busy lives. However, high-pitched noises while listening to songs can be annoying.

This tutorial will discuss different ways to fix high-pitched noises while playing songs on Spotify.

Fixing High-Pitched Noise During Songs on Spotify

High-pitch noises while playing songs on Spotify are quite irritating, and can increase your stress level. But, no worries! We will help to quickly fix this issue.

This section will provide details on different methods for fixing high-pitch noise during songs on Spotify.

Method 1: Check/Verify Your Internet Connection

Validate or verify that you have connected your device to a stable network. An unstable internet connection could result in producing low-quality music. Try connecting to a different network to check if the network was causing all this trouble:

Method 2: Verify Your Device Audio Settings

Another reason for facing this issue is inappropriate audio settings. To adjust these settings, open your Spotify application on your device.

On Desktop:

Open settings, then, under the “Audio Quality” section, adjust the settings as highlighted below:

For Mobile:

Go to Spotify’s settings, then, navigate towards the “Audio Quality” section. Adjust the settings with respect to the settings highlighted below:

Method 3: Change the Audio Output Device

There might be some issue with your Audio output device. It often happens when your device gets old it starts behaving unexpectedly. Try playing songs using any other Audio output device:

Method 4: Turn the Audio Equalizer off

Spotify facilitates its user with an in-app Equalizer. It helps the users to get a specific level of output. Equalizer’s results vary from device to device, and sometimes it starts producing noises.

On Desktop:

Go to the settings, and simply turn off the Equalizer:

On Mobile:

Open Spotify’s settings tab on your mobile, and disable the Equalizer:

Method 5: Clear Spotify Cache

Cache helps to improve your device’s performance, so of your app. When the cache memory gets full, it might cause the app to behave unexpectedly. Try clearing the app’s cache.

On Desktop:

Launch Spotify’s settings and navigate to the “Storage” section. After that, hit “Clear cache”:

On Mobile:

Navigate to Spotify’s settings tab, then, to the “Storage” section. Next, hit “Clear Cache”:

As the next step, hit “Clear Cache” again to confirm this process:

That was all from this effective guide about fixing high-pitch noises during playing songs on Spotify.


A great ratio of people prefer using Spotify to listen to their preferred music. It helps them to feel relaxed in their busy lives. But, sometimes music becomes the reason for increasing their stress level. It happens when the user experiences irritating high-pitched noise while listening to songs on Spotify.

There are multiple reasons why high-pitched noises are produced. To resolve this issue, you can try clearing Spotify Cache, adjusting your device audio settings, using a different audio output device, and so on. That’s how you can fix high-pitched noises that are produced while listening to music on Spotify.

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