How to Dm Someone On Discord?

How to Dm Someone On Discord?

Discord is social media where people connect quickly through group chat and voice calls on the server or secretly, privately send direct messages “DM” to family and friends. Direct messages mean that you can directly message everyone whom you want to text. If someone is not in your friend list you can also DM him/her easily. First of all, you’ll click at the top of the screen, then you will see an option of “Direct message”, tap it. After clicking tap the username to whom you want to message and send him/her.

  • Method 1: DM Someone in Discord on Desktops
  • Method 2: DM Someone in Discord on Mobile Applications

Method 1: DM Someone in Discord on Desktops

Discord provides its users to communicate with each other through voice call, video calls, text etc. on desktops as well as on mobile applications.

By following these steps, you can easily DM your friends. on desktops.

Step 1: Open a list of Friends

After opening the Discord application, click the “Discord” icon at the left corner and tap on ‘’Friends’’:

Step 2: Choose Someone For DM

Now clickthe “All’’ tab to see a list of friends whom you want to message, after that tap the message icon as shown below:

Step 3: Type Message

In the friend’s chat, type a message which you want to send and tap “Enter’’:

Step 4: Send Message

Send a message to your friend in your friend list:

By following these instructions, you can easily DM anyone in your friend list.

Method 2: DM Someone in Discord on Mobile Applications

The following instructions will help you to DM your friend easily on mobile applications:

Step 1: Startup Menu

Start your discord by opening it:

Step 2: Select Friend

Now tapsthe “Friends” icon to select a friend to DM:

Step 3: Hit the Message Icon

Now click the “Message” icon to DM someone:

Step 4: Type Message

Type your message to someone and press the arrow to send a direct message:

Step 5: Sending Message

Send your message directly to your friend as shown below:


To DM someone on discord, first search the username of a friend then tap on your friend’s name. After that, click on the chat icon for the message then type the message and send it.

In discord, users can DM privately someone who does not add to their friend list. This article has explained step-by-step instructions to DM someone in Discord on desktop and mobile applications.

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