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How To Delete Multiple Messages On Discord in Bulk – AppBlends

Sometimes, users want to delete messages to free up some space on their device or maybe they felt a bit awkward after sending the text. Discord allows its users to delete messages, but one can delete a single message. To delete multiple messages together we can use the AutoHotKey installer.

This article will discuss how to delete mass messages on Discord.

How to Delete Multiple Messages on Discord?

Follow these steps to delete mass messages on Discord:

Step 1: Download AutoHotKey

Go to the AutoHotKey installer and download the “Autohotkey” file:

Step 2: Open AutoHotKey setup

Open the “AutoHotKey” setup from the “Downloads” folder:

Step 3: Select installation type

After opening it, click on “Express Installation” in the initial phase:

Step 4: Exit AutoHotKey setup

Click on the “Exit” button to exit the AutoHotKey setup once the installation is complete:

Step 5: Create an AutoHotKey Script file

Right-click on the desktop and click on “New” then on “AutoHotKey Script” as seen below:

Step 6: Edit Script

Right-click on the file and click on “Edit Script”:

It opens a file, press “Ctrl+A” and then right-click on the text, and delete it as below:

Step 7: Write code

Write the following code:


Loop, 100000
send, {Up}
send, ^a
send, {BS}
send, {Enter}
send, {Enter}
sleep, 100

Once the code is written, save it manually or just press “Ctrl+S”:

Step 8: Run script

Right-click on the file and click on “Run script”:

Step 9: Delete Messages

Open the chat you want to delete. Click on the message bar and then type “t”:

Step 10: Stop Deleting Messages

To stop deleting the messages, right-click on the “H” icon from the taskbar then click on “Pause script”:

That was all about mass deleting messages on Discord.


To delete mass messages, first download and install AutoHotKey from the AutoHotKey installer. Create a new AutoHotKey script and modify it. After saving the script, run the script. Finally, open Discord then opens the chat which you want to delete. Press “t” from the keyboard. To stop deleting the message, pause the script from the taskbar. That’s how you can delete mass messages.

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