How to Clear Discord Cache?

How to Clear Discord Cache?

Discord is a popular communication platform that people use for chatting and talking with people worldwide. It offers unlimited fascinating features, especially for the gamers community that include audio chat, screen share, and customizable Servers. However, sometimes, you cannot enjoy a smooth experience on Discord, if its cache has a lot of data.

This article will cover the procedure of clearing the Discord cache.

How to Clear the Discord Cache?

For better working of the Discord application, the users often clear their app cache. This operation also minimizes the chances of the Discord app crashing. Moreover, we remove the cache to make Discord faster and better.

Step 1: Open App Data

To access app data on your computer, press the “Window key + R” on your keyboard. Then a dialogue box will appear. In the insert box, type “%appdata%” and hit the OK button:

Step 2: Locate Discord Folder

Once you have accessed the “app data folder”, then a menu of files and folders will appear. Here look for the “discord” folder and “Click” on it:

Step 3: Access the Cache Folder

Inside the “discord” folder look for the “Cache” folder and click on it:

Step 4: Clear the Cache File Content

Now that you’re in the cache folder, you’ll see a list of files that Discord has stored on your computer. To clear them, select all the elements by pressing “Ctrl + A” on your keyboard. Then, “right-click” on the files and choose the delete option from the menu that appears.

Congratulations! Cache files are cleared for Discord.

Why do I need to clear my Discord Cache folder?

Below are some of the main reasons why clearing the cache folder is essential:

  • Clearing the cache will increase the speed of the “Discord” application which will help it to run smoothly.
  • It will help to sort out glitches and issues that may occur in audio and video chat.
  • The cache is necessary data and it causes Discord to crash and slow it down.

That’s all from this guide.


Clearing the Discord cache is a simple process that can have a significant impact on the performance of your communication platform. Moreover, it helps in enjoying an overall smooth communication experience. Following the steps outlined above, you can free up space on your computer and keep Discord running smoothly.

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