Check If the Username is Taken in Discord

How to Check If the Username is Taken in Discord

Technology is getting advanced day by day and life is moving fast leaving no time to meet physically therefore, various platforms help to virtually connect with family, friends, and colleagues. These platforms are essential not only on an individual basis but also to connect different communities. One such platform is known as Discord which enables people around the globe to connect.

This article will cover the contents listed below related to Discord Username in detail:

  • What is Discord?
  • What is Discord Username?
  • How to check If the Discord Username is taken?
  • Different tips for creating a Discord username
  • Third-party tools to check for availability of Discord Username
  • Conclusion

1. What is Discord?

Discord is a social platform for instant messaging, video calls, and sharing files, and media on an individual level and group basis. One of the best parts related to Discord is that it is a free application and can be used by anybody. It connects people of all groups and interests with each other.

2. What is Discord Username?

A Discord username is a unique entity that can not be used by one user. It is case-sensitive and is lowercase. The Discord username contains 2- characters minimumand 32- characters at maximum.The numbers can range from 0 to 9.

Special characters period(.) and underscore(_) can also be used. An important thing to keep in mind is that the same special character can not be used consecutively, such as he..lo.

3. How to Check If the Discord Username is Taken?

Various methods are available to check if the Discord username is taken or not. The following steps depicted below will help to solve the issue related to the Discord username:

  • Open a new tab and type
  • Now move to the top right corner and click on Login as depicted below:
How to Check If the Discord Username is Taken?

There is an option to Register for a new account when the login page opens. This will move you toward the page where a new account can be easily created by entering credentials like email, username, password, etc:

Check If the Discord Username is Taken

If the username is available the form is saved and your new account is created. If the username is not available, try creating another one with some amendments. As shown below, the following username is not available therefore, Discord is throwing an error for unavailability of the username.

How to Check If the Discord Username is Taken?

If the username is available the form will be submitted and the Discord account is successfully created.

4. Different Tips for Creating a Discord Username

Let us suppose that the Discord username you want is not available currently. There are tips described below to create a username easily:

1. Usernames are case-sensitive, use lowercase letters while creating a username as per the Discord policy.

2. Adding numbers, underscore, or period to make it look different which eventually increases the chance of availability.

3. Check multiple times, with different methods until you can find the desired one.

5. Third-Party Tools to Check for Discord Username

Certain third-party tools are helpful to create a username accordingly. These tools are a source to provide the Discord username in a hassle-free way.

1. Reversary

This is a third-party tool that helps to check for the availability of the Discord username. You can enter the username you want and it will check if that required username is accessible or not. You can check from the following link.


It is a free tool that checks whether the specified username is currently available or not. If the Discord username is available in the system it gives the message that you can keep that username otherwise not.

You can check the availability of the Discord username from the following link.

This sums up the explanation related to the checking of the Discord username.


The Discord username can be checked when setting up a new account. On the other hand, other third-party tools are available to check if the Discord username is available or not. In this article, we have discussed how the Discord username is selected and different methods to check if the Discord username is taken or not.

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