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How to Change or Reset Password on Discord Mobile and Desktop?

Discord is a chat app. When It was first released it became popular with gamers. The Discord application is getting more popular day by day but now it is not only used by gamers but also by Professionals Businesspeople for meetings, chatting, etc with their clients. Nowadays a common man uses Discord with highly professional people.

  • How to Reset Passwords on Discord on Pc?
  • How to Reset Passwords on Discord on Mobile?

Let’s start with the guide.

How to Reset Passwords on Discord on Pc?

If you want to reset your Discord password for some privacy issues or for any other reasons you can change it easily by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open Discord

Open your “Discord Application” from the “Startup Menu” by searching it.

Step 2: User Settings

Click on the gear-like option which is “User Settings” on the bottom left of the window:

Step 3: Password and Authentication

By scrolling down you will see an option “Change Password” with the Heading “Password and Authentication”. Now click on the “Change Password” button.

Step 4: Change the Password

As soon as you have clicked “Change Password”, a dialog box will appear with the heading “Update your Password”. Firstly fill the box with the heading “Current Password”, Secondly enter your “New Password”, “Re-Enter” your “New Password” and lastly click onthe “Done” button as below:

Step 5: Password is Changed

If no error occurs after clicking on the “Done” button then congratulations you have successfully changed your “Discord Password”.

How to Reset Passwords on Discord on Mobile?

You can also easily change your password on Discord on mobile by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Discord

Open “Discord” applicationon your mobile phone:

Step 2: Select Profile

Click on the “Profile” icon located on the bottom right:

Step 3: Select Change Password

A dialogue with the heading “My Account” will appear. Now from the dialogue box selectthe “Change Password” option:

Step 4: Update your Password

Now enter your “Current Password” then add your “New Password” then click on the “Change Password” button as below:


Discord is a free chatting app that allows users to change their password for any privacy reasons. For changing the password, just click on the “User Settings” icon, select the “Change Password” option then fill in the required boxes, and then click on “Done”.

For changing the password on “Mobile Phone” click on the “Profile” icon then select “Change Password” and then do the same as on the pc one.

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