How to Blacklist Words on Discord

How to Blacklist Words on Discord

Discord is a communication platform that has many features like video and voice chat, messaging, spaces for specific interests, and automated accounts (bots)  that performs different functions for example moderation and blacklisting words on Discord.

This article is going to give you a detailed explanation of how to blacklist words on Discord.

How to Blacklist Words on Discord?

There are two ways to blacklist words on Discord. One of them is automated accounts that are known as Moderation Bots and the other one is Built-in Discord Moderation. Blacklist words setting can be done on our desktops, PCs, or laptops.

Method 1: Use Moderation Bots to Blacklist Words on Discord

Moderation Bots are automated features that help us to manage our Discord Servers. There are many Moderation Bots such as Dyno, MEE6, GAwesome Bot, Carl-Bot, and ModBot, etc. Let’s discuss one of them to have some idea on how to use moderation bots for blacklisting words.

Have a look at the procedure of using the Dyno bot for blacklisting words on Discord.

Step 1: Head towards Dyno

 Head towards Dyno bot’s official website and click on “Add to Server” button:

Step 2: Select Your Plan

There are in total three packages. Two are paid, and one of them is free. Select “Free plan” for now or you can also select the paid ones:

Step 3: Add the server

Select the server name to which you want to add this bot:

Then, press “Continue”:

Step 4: Grant Permissions

Grant permissions to Dyno for options you want to add to your server. Select accordingly and press “Authorize”:

Step 5: Authentication

You will have to fill in this Captcha to authenticate yourself as a human:

Step 6: Setting Up

The first step is to “Select Your Prefix”. It’s for the bot to know that a certain message is a command. The message must start with a “?”. Moving forward “Choose Your TimeZone” and press “Next”:

After pressing “Next”, choose the Channel you want to see the updates at and press “Next”:

Lastly, press “Done”:

Step 7: Select “Automod” From Modules:

The dashboard will be opened, head towards “Modules” and press the downward arrow for a submenu:

Submenu like this will be opened, select “AutoMod :

Click on “Create Rule

Step 8: Setting the Rule Name

Start by setting the name for the rule. We gave the name “Black-Listing”:

Step 9: Setting Rule Type

Secondly, Select the type of rule. There are plenty of options but as we are making a blacklisting rule so we will select  “Bad Words”:

Step 10: Add Ban Words

Thirdly, add words you want to ban. Add a word and then add a comma before the second word. In this way, you can add a word or a bunch of words.

The second section is for banned phrases you want to add:

Step 11: Add Actions

Now, add the Actions you want to perform on experiencing bad words or phrases. Set-Automuting settings, setting the number after how many violations the user will be auto muted and for how many minutes:

Step 12: Setting Permissions

Grant Permissions about which roles and channels will be affected by the rule and which should be ignored:

Step 13: Configure Additional Options (Optional Step)

Some additional Options are not necessary, are optional, and mainly they are Premium Options. They can be skipped.

Step 14: Create the Rule

Press “Create Rule”. Right after pressing it, this rule will be created:

Step 15: Check the Connectivity of the Bot

To check if Dyno is added to the server, head toward Server Settings:

Then scroll down to User Management and Click “Members“:

Dyno is included in your Server Members, which means Moderation Bot is added to your server.

Method 2: Use Built-in Discord Moderation to Blacklist Words

Other than adding Moderation bots, you can also use Built-in Moderation for blacklisting words on Discord. Below is the guide for using Built-in Moderation in Discord.

Step 1: Open Server Menu

The very first step is to press the downward arrow as it opens a submenu with a bunch of other options:

Step 2: Open Server settings

Now, after opening the submenu select the server setting option:

Step 3: Select  Moderation Option:

Scroll down to the Moderation section and select AutoMod Option:

Step 4: Select Block Custom Words

For blocking or blacklisting custom words select Block Custom Words by clicking the “Create” Button. It will open a form:

 Step 5: Fill the Form

Then, enable the rule you want to use i.e. Block Custom Words. Write words or phrases you want to block or blacklist by typing them in the bar. Choose one of the three responses:

  • Block the message
  • Send an alert message as a warning
  • Temporarily block that user.

You can allow certain roles or channels but this is an optional step. The rule is not applied to Admins or roles that are managing servers. Save the changes to apply the rule:

Press the save changes and you have successfully added the blacklist words on Discord.


To blacklist words you can use built-in moderation or any moderation bots such as Dyno. As a result, these methods block or black-list all the bad or abusive words.They will also help to maintain a positive environment in your server you can use Built-in Moderation or Moderation Bots to help and maintain your server. Today’s guide discussed adding black-list words on Discord.

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