How to Add Battlenet to Discord

How to Add Battlenet to Discord is an online centralized gaming hub developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It consists of plenty of features for gamers like connecting with other players, cross-platform gaming, chat functionality, playing multiplayer tournaments, and much more to enhance the gaming experience.

This article is going to give a detailed explanation of how to add battlenet to Discord.

How to Add to Discord?

By following the below steps, you will be able to add to Discord.

Step 1: Click on the “gear” Option

Click on the gear-shaped option to have a new page with different other options:

Step 2: Click on the “Connections” Option

Clicking on the connections option will open a new page on the right side with plenty of options for accounts to add as an additional connection to Discord:

The blue spiral-shaped logo is of “”. Select it by clicking on it:

Step 3: Log in “” Account

Login to your account by email, with Facebook, or even with an apple id. You can also sign up using the added link:

Step 4: Connect “” with Discord

As soon as we enter our credentials and press Login Button, it starts connecting with Discord:

Step 5: Verification is successfully added as a connection in your Discord:

Note: The feature of displaying your connection on your profile can be enabled by sliding the tick slider:

That’s how you can add to Discord.


In short, for adding to your discord, head towards connections in your Discord settings, click connections and log in to your account. In today’s guide, a five-step procedure is presented to you for adding to your Discord to make it possible for you to enhance your gaming experience.

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