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How Long Does It Take For a Discord Account to Delete?

Discord is a stage for those who want to communicate with their friends, family, or any person in any corner of the world. All in all, it has a touch of almost every popular application. Discord users can also delete and disable their account If they no longer want it or want to make a new one. In case of deleting the “Discord” account, you have to wait for 14 days for the permanent deletion of your account if you don’t login in that duration.

Let’s begin the article.

How Much Time Does It take to Delete a Discord Account?

For the deletion of the “Discord” account follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login into Discord

Log in to the “Discord” account to which you want to delete:

Step 2: User Settings

Go to “User Setting” by clicking on the “gear” icon:

Step 3: Select My Account

In the “User Settings” menu select “My Account”:

Step 4: Delete the Account

In the section of “My Account”, scroll down and selectthe “Delete Account” button in the “Account Removal”:

Step 6: Authenticate

Enter the “Password” and click on the “Delete Account Button” and your account will be deleted:

That completes the guide on how to delete a Discord account.


To delete your discord account first go to “User Settings” and then after that go to “My Account”, here by scrolling down you will see an option of “Delete Account” click on it then a dialog box will appear which will ask you to enter “Password” and click on “Delete Account”.

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