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How do You Set a Bio on Discord?

Discord is a chatting application that is more popular among gamers. Discord users can play games and can chat at the same time. Discord provides many tools to its users for their comfort. For instance, users can change their bio if he or she is no longer interested in it. People can write their bio according to their fields, locations, and status.

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How to Change Bio on Discord Mobile?

You can change your biography on Discord mobile by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Discord

Openthe “Discord” app on your mobile:

Step 2: Open Settings

Open “Settings” by clicking on the “Profile icon” in the bottom left corner of the window:

Step 3: User Profile

Now, Click on “User Profile”:

Step 4: Change Bio

Here you will see the “About Me” text box. Now change your bio by typing it of your own choice:

Step 5: Verification

Your bio will look like this:

That is all from the guide.


You can write the bio in Discord by opening the discord application. After that, select “User Profile” from “User Settings” and then in the input text box write a bio of your own desire. This is how to change the bio on Discord.

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